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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oliver is 5 Months Old!!

I feel like I have been terrible about posting month to month about my sweet little boy.  I also feel like this 5 months has gone by so fast! Oliver has such sweet spirit, and I can't imagine our lives before him and he is such a good fit in our family.  Here are some Ollie facts
At 5 months Oliver:
Hates tummy time
Is a terrible sleeper, seriously he wakes up every 3-4 hours a night if not more.
Has a stinky head from his helmet.
Has the best laugh and smile.
Loves his mommy.
Hates solids, well he's only had a taste of rice cereal once I'm not in any hurry to start solids.
Loves to play with toys.
Hates his car seat.
Can almost sit up on his own.
Has successfully rolled from tummy to back and really wants to roll from back to tummy.
Loves to play peek-a-boo.
Only has two more months with his helmet!

I sure love my little Oliver Eugene!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ollie's Helmet

So, this post is four months in the making.

When Oliver was born, both Scott and I noticed that his head had an odd shape.  No one said anything to us about it while we were in the hospital, and the pediatrician on call didn't seem to show any concern, so when we brought him home we just figured it would be one of those things that would fix it's self.

At his 2 week appointment, Dr. Fox, Our pediatrician, was concerned about the shape of his head.  He asked us to follow up with him in 2 weeks, and again in 4 weeks to see if it was getting better.  It was, but not at the rate he would like to see.  So he sent us to a pediatric plastic surgeon.  The concern was that the plates (fontanels) in Oliver's head had fused closed early.  

Oliver never had a soft spot when he was born. After meeting with Dr. Siddiqi at Primary Children Hospital he ordered a CT Scan.  By now Oliver was 2 months old, and the scan revealed good news, that his skull was still open.  He asked us to come back in 2 months to see the shape and how it was growing.  

At that appointment Dr. Siddiqi decided Oliver would need a helmet, which is a relief, the other option was surgery where they would go in and break his skull and place it correctly.  

Next, we met with Dr. Beavers to get fitted for a helmet.  This also involved a scan, and teaching me the formal name for Oliver's condition, Scaphocephaly.

Then it became a waiting game to see if insurance was going to cover the cost of the helmet.  Once that came through the helmet was ordered and shaped and is now being worn by my sweet little boy, who hates it.

Here's some pictures.

 tummy time at just  few days old
 few weeks old
 CT scan, this was pretty scary for me. My little baby being strapped down and x-rayed through this huge machine.  Mommy didn't like this.
 this is to show the ridge along his forehead
 Bump in the back
 First night in the helmet, he hates it!
 the idea of the helmet is to control the growth so it grows out from the ears, instead of front to back, if that makes sense.  He still hates it.
  And it has put a huge damper on our snuggles.

This has defiantly been a learning and growing process for me.  
I know that there are other babies that have bigger and more serious problems than my little Oliver has, but it still hasn't been easy.  I've had to change the way I hold and snuggle and comfort my baby.  He's so mad at me.  I know that this is only for a short time, and he will get used to it and we will both go on our merry way, but for now, for this moment in time it really blows. He's been a real trooper really.  I'm just grateful that we can fix this with out surgery.  Nothing is more scary than having your doctor going over concerns and possible complications related to surgery at such a young age.  The information and facts and things gets so overwhelming.  Plus the constant meeting with doctors and going to clinics and hospitals, it's not fun one bit.  

Plus side we get to keep the helmet, so I'm going to find fun ways to decorate it.  I need to show off his personality which is pretty awesome!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17

This date is important to me.

last year on November 17 I found out I was pregnant with my sweet little Oliver
On November 17 that sweet little boy will also be 4 months old (How?)
and finally on November 17, 2004 I entered the MTC.  I couldn't find any pictures of me from the MTC to post, because they are all actual photos, but I did serve a mission, which I loved.  NYUM forever!! All the good things in my life came from my decision to serve a mission.  I still have dreams every so often about getting a call from my mission president informing me that I'm needed to go back out and serve.  I pack up the kids and Scott and we head out into the field.  The details are often a little fuzzy as to why I'm being called with my whole family, but I go and we all love it.  

Happy November 17!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creepy Kids

While doing my hair the other day Rivers carefully snuck up on me and said "Hello Mommy" while covered in our brown throw blanket.
It was actually pretty scary...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween 2013

This is my favorite Holiday!  I love stretching it out for a few weeks.

Earlier this year we planned to be a family of pirates for Halloween, but I asked Rivers one day what he wanted to be, and he looked at me and said "A tater tot".  I thought, he's just being a silly little boy and brushed it off.  Then others asked, and I asked again, and Scott asked and the answer was always the same "A tater tot",  I was now faced with the challenge of making a tater tot costume.  I searched the web, and most of what I found was pictures of small children dressed at potatoes, hence, tater Tot.  This wasn't what I had in mind.  A friend of mine found a blog with a tutorial for her older daughter that also wanted to be a tater tot, I'll have to find it and post it, but it was just perfect!  
A tan pillow case, quilt batting, spray paint and a glue gun later, this is what I ended up with.  At our ward trunk or treat people thought he was cereal, but when I got it all finished I think he turned out pretty awesome.  I did have to tell people what he was, but that didn't matter, he loved that mom made him a tater tot costume.  To go with that, Oliver was corn on the cob.
My dear friend Merrilee gave this too me, it was perfect!

We also carved pumpkins, and went to the pumpkin patch.  

It was a lot of fun.  On Halloween night we planned on going trick or treating around our neighborhood, but due to my lack of cooking skills we ended up going down to Scott's folks house and went around their neighborhood.  Rivers had a blast!  By the second house he realized they had candy and suddenly it was a rush to get to the next house.  He also saw a group of older kids running across the street and told grandpa "Those boys are naughty, we don't run in the street."  Such is the life of a city kid.  I love this time of year, and it has been such a fun experience this year with my boys

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rivers turned 3

I am still in amazement that my little boy is 3!!

Last year, Rivers friend Jane had a birthday party, ever since then Rivers has wanted a birthday party of his own, and 
after Oliver was born, he kept asking "to party with Jane and Lucas". 

Scott and I talked about it and since having a new brother has been hard on him, we felt we could thrown Rivers a small party for his friends.  
The first person he wanted to invite was his cousin Emily.
He was so cute walking around the neighborhood delivering
the invites.

 We kept the party pretty simple.  I did a semi Monsters Inc. party, we decorated cookies to look like monsters, played pin the eye on Mike and ate PB&J and monster ice cream.
The kids had the most fun playing with balloons and toys, and of course eating the candy and frosting for the cookies.

Rivers wanted muffins instead cupcakes.
 Look at that guy!! crazy hair and all! I hope he knows how much he means to me, my world would be so sad without him.
Yes, I plan to take a picture like this every year.
 Happy Birthday Rivers McKean!  I love your huge head, crazy hair, fun personality, energy, imagination, skinny body, adventurous spirit, sensitivity, and big heart.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 years

5 years ago I married my best friend Scott Shepherd

He makes me laugh harder than anyone I know.
He cares for me.
He takes care of me.
He has the best smile, and the brightest eyes.

He loves the Lord, and honors his covenants.
He is the most amazing father.
He is kind and patient.
He is the most amazing person I've ever met.

Scott puts up with my craziness.
Scott loves me when I'm not easy to love.

And I love him.

Here's to eternity...
5 years, 4 callings, 3 moves, 2 kids, 1 love.

Thanks for every thing, every day, every moment.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

C-section vs. Vaginal delivery

So I'm waiting online currently for a chat person to help answer some questions and the wait time is 17 minutes.  I decided to take this time and quickly post about my experience with these two different forms of delivery.

Rivers was a typical vaginal delivery, and Oliver was a planned c-section due to being breech.

Rivers: Due date:October 25, 2010
          Arrival: October 24, 2010.  Vaginal

Oliver: Due date: July 23, 2013
          Arrival: July 17,2013.  Cesarean section

Both boys were early, Oliver by about a week, this is because he was breech and my doctor wouldn't schedule c-sections before 39 weeks.

Rivers: started labor 5:00 am on the 23, delivered 5:36 the following day.  Labored at home for 12 hours until my water broke, only dilated 1 cm when arrived at hospital, pushed from 2:00 AM until he came out at 5:36.  

Oliver: checked in at 6:00 AM on the 17, surgery scheduled for 7:30.  Born at 8:05.

Pain control:

With Rivers I had an epidural, with Oliver it was a spinal.  I hated the epidural, it hurt getting and made me shaky.  I was in so much pain for so long by this point I wanted as much pain relief as I could get as fast as I could get.  I think I took too much because I was numb in my right leg for about a day after Rivers was born, and it made it more difficult to push.  Plus getting the epidural hurt and left a huge bruise on my back.

With Oliver it was surgery so I had the spinal which felt like a tiny bee sting, it was higher on my back, and felt quite pleasant.  It worked fast and wore off quickly after the surgery.  I loved the spinal.


The biggest challenge I had recovering with Rivers was going poop after.  TMI I know, but I thought I was going to die!  I was super tired after having Rivers, but a lot of that had to do with the fact that I pushed for nearly 4 hours.  I was up walking a few hours after his birth, and was given typical pain killers.  By 6 weeks I had no bleeding, and felt largely normal, maybe a little fat and my boobs were sore from nursing.

With Oliver I was given 2 types of painkillers and they kept them on a pretty good schedule so I never got uncomfortable.  It took longer to get up and walk, and I nearly passed out the first time and had to get wheeled back to my room.  Getting in and out of bed and going to the bathroom was the worst!  I bled until 5 weeks.
I was surprised by how much bleeding I had after the c-section.  since the baby didn't come out the traditional way i didn't think there would be any.  I still had the same no swimming for 6 weeks rule, as well as all the other things you can't do before 6 weeks, like exercising and such.  Every now and then my incision will hurt, and often my stomach muscles are sore.  It's all very manageable.  


With Rivers I got really bad PPD.  No one really talks about it, but there were days when all I could do was feed him, dress him and change his bum, and I did all this so people wouldn't think I was a bad mother.  Rivers had colic and cried a lot.  Some days I couldn't stand to look at him and I cried a lot.  I hate those memories, some of my darkest days.  By 12 weeks postpartum I felt better and was able to be the mother I wanted to be, but it was a long dark road.

With Ollie I haven't had any of those feelings.  I have felt like singing on the top of a mountain.  I love everything he does, he eats so well, sleeps so well, loves to snuggle and is generally a good baby.  He would eat all day if I let him.  He doesn't like to be around a lot of people and gets overwhelmed easy.  I feel really good. Maybe it was because I was prepared for the worse after having a rough first baby, but my attitude is generally more upbeat this go around.  I feel very blessed about that.  

So, which would I chose as a form of having babies?  Neither.  Both kinda suck, I could only imagine how miserable having a baby would be if you went into labor, labored for a while, then had a Cesarean.  I also was never induced so I have no comparison for that.
I really doubt I'm going to have anymore babies.  I have 2 great little boys and I have the challenge of raising strong worthy future priesthood holders and I think that's enough of a challenge for me to face in this lifetime.  Many people have asked about trying to have a girl, and I'm sure I would love a daughter, but I think I'll be okay if I didn't have girl.  I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.  I might be changing my tune in a few years, but I don't think Scott could handle another pregnancy, and I don't know if I could handle another delivery.  I hate feeling helpless, and incapable.  Plus, the morning sickness, and the kidney stones, and the back pain, and the lack of sleep.  No thank you, I'll just sit back and enjoy my family of four.    

One thing I never want again in a breech baby.  My poor little Ollie has had so many problems due to being breech for so long.  I am not in a place to talk about it much right now, it's nothing life threatening, and he is currently developing mentally and physically normal so don't worry about that, but if any readers out there could keep him in your prayers I would appreciate that.  I need some good vibes over here :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oliver's Birth

I've wanted to post about my sweet Ollie's birth, mainly so I won't forget it.

With Oliver, unlike Rivers, it wasn't some sort of waiting game like most deliveries, we had a set date and time that he would be born.  As I mentioned in the previous post I was ready to be done with this pregnancy.  I was also completely worried about Rivers care while I was having the baby.  Rivers is a particular child with a set routine, and I'm always certain that no one can take care of my children as well as I can.  This was causing me a lot of anxiety.  I feel that my Heavenly Father really knows me and he knew that unless I was forced to have a c-section I wouldn't do it, and also knowing what a planner I am He found a way for me to plan Oliver's birth and Rivers care.  

Having the c-section really wasn't that bad.

On the morning of July 17, 2013 Scott and I woke up at an unearthly hour that has now become familiar.  My Operation time was 7:30 AM and I had to check into the hospital at 6:00 AM. I had a grumpy pre-op nurse who kept complaining about how early she had to be there.  She missed the vein and hit a valve while putting in my IV giving me a lovely bruise.

This was after being home for about 2 weeks.  This bruise is gone now, but it stuck around for a nice long time.  

Before surgery I tried to relax by watching some TV, but I was a nervous wreck, and felt like throwing up.  I was scared, I'd never had any type of surgery before.  I talked with my Doctor and signed all the paper work and they walked me in to the operating room.  By this point I was crying.  I remember this nice nurse trying to introduce herself to me as the nurse who would be taking care of and cleaning up my baby when he was born, but I was crying so bad I don't remember much of what she said.

After that I got the spinal, which compared to the epidural was amazing.  Small little poke on my mid back and everything went warm.  My anesthesiologist was really great, and was the same on my doctor had when she had her c-section for a breech baby a year before, another reason I loved my OB/GYN.

They poked me to see if I was numb and then got started.  Oliver came out pretty quickly and they rushed him to the clean up room and began putting me back together.  To the right of me was a window where I could watch what was going on and I sent Scott in to get pictures.  After that I began to drift off.  I was warm and numb and the doctors were talking amongst themselves.  a few minutes later Scott walked in (crying) holding our sweet little boy who was wrapped up so tight, looking around.  Then I cried.  After I was all stitched, glued, and stapled up I was moved of the operating table into a hospital bed and I went on my way to postpartum.  

I spent 3 days in the hospital, which was like a vacation.  I didn't have to cook or clean, I got to pick what I wanted to watch on TV, they brought me food when I asked, I got to sleep when I could.  It was pretty nice. 

 My view, sleeping baby, sleeping hubby, watching the news.  They kept my pain pretty controlled.  My nurses were great, and the hardest part was getting in and out of bed.  I was able to eat that night, and go to the bathroom on my own.

One thing I want to make sure I remember is that while still in the recovery room they left me try to nurse.  Oliver latched on right away and we had no problems.  He ate well from day one and by 2 days old my milk came in and we've had no problem, well except that he eats all the time!  I'm aware he is growing a lot right now, but Rivers never ate like this.  He is rather gassy like his brother, and I'm sure that is my fault.  I can't figure out what I'm eating that is giving/gave my boys gas, but I have become an expert on getting the gas bubbles out so I'm not too stressed.

Shortly after we came home Scott had to get back to work at the fireworks tent he ran for the summer.  River spent 3 days with his grandparents and I spent those days with my sweet new man.  I loved those days.  Ollie and I just ate, slept and snuggled all day.  I'm always been kind of selfish with my babies, and I will treasure those days that it was just the 2 of us.  I loved sleeping with my baby on my chest.  We watched late night TV, and enjoyed wonderful food from the people in our ward.  Oliver's birth has really been wonderful, and he's also quite wonderful.

And we're pretty smitten with each other.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oliver Eugene!!!

We welcomed our second little man on July 17, 2013

Born: 8:05 AM
Weight: 6 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 21 inches

We got us another long skinny baby!  He is just a perfect slice of heaven, and I am enjoying him a little too much!!

Oliver was born breech, via a planned c-section.  We discovered he was breech around 35 weeks and I tried everything to get the little stinker to turn, but he's stubborn and after the horrible pregnancy I had to endure, having a set date and time came as a relief.  I'll post another post about the whole c-section vs. vaginal birth later, for now enjoy some pictures of my sweet boy.
 T minus 10 hours until hospital check in.  39 weeks, with a total weight gain of 13 pounds.  It was a rough pregnancy...
 Ollie came out bum first, and peed everywhere!!  BTW they rounded his weight up to 10 ounces.
 Look at that angel face!  He's so yummy!! 

 Meeting his big brother.  They get along well enough, some days certainly are better than others.  I feel like Rivers is louder now somehow.
 This kid has some seriously long fingers!! We need to invest in a piano for sure
Oliver really is a dream baby, he eats well and latched on while I was still in recovery.  My milk came in within 2 days and when Ollie is done eating he sleeps.  He only cries when hungry or uncomfortable.  I never knew babies could be this way!!  Rivers struggles to latch, and had colic and was a poor eater, and still is.  I try not to compare my kids, but it's hard since they really are so different.  

I feel like Oliver is my reward for a terrible pregnancy, a colicky first born and the need for a c-section.  He really is just this perfect little man sent to me from heaven.  

He is a perfect fit into our family and I'm so so so grateful to have him.  We are still adjusting, but he is just a dream!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This Pregnancy

Has been terrible.

Now I know that there are plenty of women who have it worse, and I should just continue keeping my mouth shut, but we all know I can't.

Scott and I decided to try for a second child about 6 months before I became pregnant.  Those were dark months for me.  Every month I wasn't pregnant I was sad and angry.  The logical side of me understood that getting pregnant quickly doesn't happen often, even though it did with Rivers.  I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks after getting called to be the Young Women's President.  Scott and I just laughed and considered it a blessing to finally be pregnant after getting called into such an overwhelming calling.  

About a week later the morning sickness started.

I was sick through Thanksgiving, Scott's birthday, Christmas, New Years, Valentines day, and St. Patrick's day.  Around 17 weeks I wasn't getting sick as much, and by 20 weeks I was finally past the sickness phase.  Those were celebrated days, with walks and zoo visits and fun.  

At 23 weeks I got kidney stones, not just once, but at least 3 times.  I spent the month of April in misery and discomfort while being drugged up and Scott was preparing and taking finals.  I spent hours crying and praying for comfort. Finally, they passed and my doctors and I had decided to overhaul my lifestyle to figure out why I was having the problems I was having.  

Through out all of this the baby has been fine.  I was pre-diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  No sugary drinks, low fiber high protein diet, no dairy, no eggs, no "trigger" foods that may hurt my tummy.  This is often easier to talk about than do.  After all this my OB did some blood work and found out I was anemic.  

I have had to take a ton of pills and vitamins.  

I finally feel better, and I've been able to be the mom and wife and YW's president I wanted to be.  

While at the doctors last week my doctor felt around and is pretty sure the baby is breech.  I have to get him to turn!!  On July 1 I'll have an Ultrasound and we will get a better picture of the baby.  If he hasn't turned by 38 weeks I will likely have to have a c-section.  Not thrilled.  I have felt so discouraged.  I feel like it is just one thing after another with this pregnancy.  I have had just set back after set back.  

I have wanted this baby for so long, and I feel like this was the absolute worse time to get pregnant.  I feel bad for all the hardship I've put my husband and son through.  

Prayers are welcomed at this time as it never hurts to have more prayers on my side.  

I also welcome any tips for turning him.  

I'm ready for this all to be over....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I feel I have a pretty good life.  Nothing that people make movies about or write books about, but good, content.

Yet I notice lately that I feel numb.

Now I'm 7 months pregnant, with a two year old, so these feelings could all just be hormone driven, but I have found myself lacking in emotions.

I don't get excited about anything, happy, sad or angry.  Most days I just feel like I'm going through the motions.

I think it might be taking it's toll on my family.

I mean I have concern for their well being, but for the most part I feel everyday is just a day, leading to the next, with its accompanying tasks.  I don't get angry anymore when my child misbehaves, happy when my husband comes home from school, excited to go to bed.  All things that I did before.  

I talked to my doctor about depression, but my lack of sadness, and still getting things done is no cause for alarm.  I still care about things like my appearance and my home and what's for dinner, but my lust for life is gone.

Recently Scott's young 22 year old cousin died.  This was a sad and shocking event, but I had a hard time mustering up the emotions.  I felt sad for her parents and sisters, and sad for the things in life she was going to miss out on, marriage, kids and family, and I really was blown away by the suddenness of her passing, but I guess because I know the plan of salvation so well I was also relieved that she wouldn't have to go through the same strife we do here on earth any more.  For that I was happy, but it wasn't even a joyous happy, more just a "good for her" happy.  The worse part is I don't feel there really anyone I can talk to about all this.  Do I even need to talk to anyone at all?

Plus I have a baby coming, and with Rivers and all of my nieces and nephews I was really excited for them to get here and join my family, but most days being pregnant is just a pain, a necessary evil, to fulfill the measure of my creation.  Times are tough, and for that reason I feel so blessed to be having another boy.  I already have lots of great boy things, and the idea of two cute little guys running around brings my heart joy, but the true happiness I get from having a life inside of me that I got with Rivers just is gone.  I had it when I first got pregnant, but after morning sickness hit the joy left.  I have had a rough pregnancy with lots of doctors and hospital visits, so I guess maybe that's why I'm not super excited.  

Maybe I just need a break, a chance to miss my life.  Just some time to remember who I am with out the title of wife, mother, Young Women's president, pregnant lady.  I was hoping with Scott out of school now that I might get that, but he's busy doing this:
Which I'm glad he's doing something that he loves, but I just seems like another way for him to distract himself from us.  He is always telling me to let him know and we can plan a time for me to do the things I want to do, but I get confused as to why I have to plan the things I want to do, and he gets to just do the things he wants to do, I by no means think less of him or want to stop him, but I'd love to just declare I needed to go to the store and leave with out packing up a 2 year old and going.  Maybe I just miss the freedoms I once had.  I'd let him watch Rivers while he's outside all day, but often Scott is unable to pay attention to him and we live on a busy street so I'm afraid something might happen, and often Scott is busy and doesn't want him out there.  Which if this was a "normal" job Rivers wouldn't be able to be with him anyhow.  

Blah I'm just being a whiner, and I need to stop looking for someone to comfort me.  This is the life I signed on for and I'm content to do it, I just wish I could see the joy and anger and emotions in it.  I'm hoping it's all just my hormones and soon enough I'll be back to my old crazy self.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Healthy again?

So my last post was posted the first day I got sick.  It has been a roller coaster here at the Shepherd home.

It started off with Kidney pain, now I had kidney stones when I was pregnant with Rivers, so I wasn't surprised to have kidney stones again.  I have pretty miserable morning sickness while I'm pregnant, as most women do, and after doing some research I have learned it is not uncommon to have kidney stones while pregnant, and I have a family history of poor kidney function.  While pregnant your digestion slows down, including of course calcium intake.  This causes me to have kidney stones.  I'm already lactose intolerant so in my normal, not pregnant life I try to avoid dairy.  But since we are a brainwashed society I do drink milk while pregnant to up my calcium intake for my growing baby.  Well, this is causing me to develop kidney stones.  

Kidney stones hurt, and the way my body responds to pain is to vomit.  So after 20 weeks of morning sickness, I got about 2 weeks of relief before the kidney pain started.  It's been off and on for over a month now.  I went and saw a crazy Urologist, and been working with my OB, but I have had to completely overhaul my diet.  Did I mention that they think I might also have Crohn's disease.  We have no way checking for sure until after the baby is born since you have to have a colonoscopy and that can't be done while pregnant.  I have to keep a detailed food diary, and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.  I am allowed 1 cup of orange juice when I take my Iron pill since it was also discovered that I have anemia.  Anemia is not uncommon while pregnant, however I was sad when I saw how much hair I was losing until the diagnosis.  

I never thought I was "unhealthy" until I had to start all this.  I knew I could be better, as most people, and I have never worried about my weight since all I've ever wanted was for my clothes to look nice on me.  I have also suffered an eating disorder as a teenager so I know how to avoid the triggers that might start me on that path again, so we don't own a scale and we don't deprive ourselves of treats.  By we I really meant I, but Scott is a good enough sport to go along with it.  

Well, after a month of crying, and throwing up, and people taking my child so I can rest, and people coming in to help take care of my home, and going to doctors, and ultrasounds, and blood work, and hospital visits, painkillers, and finals, and late night study sessions, I think the worst is finally behind me.  I haven't gained as much weight this pregnancy as I should, but the baby is healthy so my job is to eat more to take care of myself.  I know, how rough :).

Also my wonderful unborn child is pushing on my cervix, and kicking my poor sore kidneys and laying on nerves that make my legs go numb, but I think I am finally on the upswing.  I have an appetite again, I can sleep, Scott is done with school and looking for an internship.  It's a relief to feel human again.  I have also been grateful to my loving neighbors and presidency for being able to step up and help, and even though my body has been through so much I am grateful that I am able to carry this baby that I wanted so bad. It could have been worse, I had to work really hard to conceive this baby and even though that was a long road, I am grateful for this body.  It may struggle, but it does what I need it to do.  

Scott is also amazing, but that goes with out saying :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So last week I felt amazing, and Scott has class ALL DAY on
Thursdays, so I took advantage of the 
amazing weather and took Rivers to the zoo.
I think everyone else had the same idea, because the place was packed, and we had to wait 30 minutes to get in.

But we still had tons of fun.

Afterward we went over to Scott's school and had lunch with him.
Then we came home and crashed!

I'm glad we got to do this because in a few months we will be home bound and Rivers will no longer be an only child.

I realize that New baby will never be an only child,
and I will have to make sure I have plenty of fun things for both my babies to do and feel special,

But this was probably the only time I'll be able to go to the zoo with just a backpack of treats, and no stroller.

We had a great day!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


We start Easter on Saturday,
meaning, I get to spread out my Easter fun over the whole weekend.
My reason for this I'm sure I've explained before,
but I like to separate the "fun" part of Easter
from the religious part.

Scott is totally on board with this, and we've had a lot of success doing it this way.

Friday night I got the baskets ready, that's
right I made one for new baby as well
It was only an outfit, but I really wanted to have a reason to celebrate
my babies
 Rivers got some toys, and a new suit, and of course candy.
We also hid eggs and colored eggs
I tried using Kool-aid this year instead of smelly kits.
It smelled amazing and the eggs turned out great.
I couldn't find blue or yellow Kool-aid, but Rivers didn't know and still
had fun.
 Rivers loved looking for eggs and really enjoyed the jelly beans.

Later that Saturday morning we went to my friends Laura's house
(who was in town from NC)
and went to a HUGE Easter egg hunt.  They had hidden over 44 dozen eggs!!
Some had prizes and money.
Rivers loved it!!
This is the second year we've gone and it has been a blast!
Plus there are only about 20 kids so Rivers isn't competing with
too many for eggs.

Sunday morning I didn't have any meetings!!
We got up and got ready for church, and talked about Jesus.
I also sang in church, but after the nursery kids, so Rivers went up
and sang for the first time!!  I was in tears!
Of course I'm pregnant so it's not surprising,
but being emotional, and singing about the Resurrection of Christ, and being squished for air
made my singing not the best and I was a crying mess by the time the song
was over.
But I did manage to dress Scott and Rivers the same so I still felt like a winner.
After church we took naps and went and saw my parents and grandparents
and all the cousins

Rivers was pooped after a busy weekend
I love my Savior and my family.

Friday, March 29, 2013

30 and Fabulous

So, if you ask me how old I am, I won't tell you 30, I'm likely to say 25.  But those few loyal blog followers will know the truth. 

My Birthday was great!

I'm a pretty lucky gal.  Since this was my BIG 30th birthday, 30 being my scary age, I made a list of demands rather than a wish list.  I'm allowed to do that since I am pregnant again for my birthday, and it's my scary birthday.

Here's the demands:
Cupcakes for a week
A cake with LOTS of frosting
Breakfast that is salty and sweet (this is tough since I'm pregnant and hate food)
Chinese food
The worlds largest pizza
A display of girl scout cookies that spell out 'Happy Birthday Mystie'
My toenails painted
Someone to do my hair for me
And if someone wants to get me a car I'm sure I'll find a way the accept.

I don't think this demands are that out of had, and I can explain every one of them.

Scott, being the awesome husband he is, did pretty well.  I got cupcakes for easily 3 weeks, I got some amazing cake with lots of frosting at my in-laws house the Sunday before my birthday, Scott made an amazing breakfast (pics to follow) I got a display of girl scout cookies that said 'happy', close enough, I'm getting a pedicure next week with my mom, No one has done my hair so I'm forced to do it myself (sigh), and no one thought to get me a car. As for the worlds largest pizza, I knew that was unattainable, but a girl can dream. 

 Here is my awesome breakfast, Ham and egg sandwich, and I also had orange cinnamon rolls, salty and sweet
 Since Scott had class on my birthday, he bought me my favorite pizza (not the worlds largest, but whatever) for lunch.  MMMMMM
 Rivers did not like lunch, and here is his daily meal time melt down.  I wish my kid ate....
 I decided I wanted to go to TCBY, Rivers was much happier here, and he showed me with kisses and offering me some of his frozen yogurt.

 He's saying 'cheese' which is why he looks hurt.
 Cupcakes from my favorite bakery "Sweet Tooth Fairy" Never been? you should they are amazing and yummy and worth every cent, I also got a gift card for there from Scott's sister, I'm easy to please :)
 So ignore my HUGE 23 week belly, Tucanos offers a free birthday meal if you didn't know.  Since Scott had classes for most of the day we went for dinner, and I made them sing to me.  But Rivers stole the tambourine.  It's OK, he was cute and ate a bunch of noodles and Mandarin oranges with his tongs. Ate least he ate.

I also got a 2 year old strip tease, Rivers has really been into doing "tricks" and he said to me, "watch this trick mommy!" and proceeds to remove his shirt.  I realize this is more of a career choice than a trick. But we could use the money so I won't say anything.  Please know I'm joking, I have no interest in CPS coming to my home, or any desire to see my kid naked, in fact I wish he would be more interested in potty training so I wouldn't have to see his bum so often.

My Birthday has easily gone on for a week now, and it's been fun, with cards and visits and treats and presents all week long.  I'm blessed with great family and friends. 

Until next year when I will once again turn 25 :)