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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Broke into the old apartment....

Okay so don't be freaked out by the title, I've just decided to title my blogs after song lyrics and this entry is a lot about my apartment.
This picture goes with the last little bit of this blog entry, still figuring this out I guess. :) For those who don't know I love clothes and I think I'm polynesian, so I wear flowers in my hair, and have an odd obsession with Palm trees, you may see some in these photos

So here is a pic of our super cool gift that Scott parents gave us for Christmas, a flat screen TV was totally my joke ask for gift, so I was a complete surprise when we got it. It's been fun and Lost looks awesome in HD full screen!!

We love the stuff at Ikea!! We bought these shelves there, and a matching table, and we haven't gotten it hung yet but we also have a red shelf for the Kitchen.

Awesome rug and palm trees!!!

I love, love, love this lamp!! Scott and I both just thought it was so cool, it rotates and lights up our whole living room, for reasons I don't understand there are no lights in the living room, so we needed lamps, this is just such a perfect fit.

My favorite part about our apartment is the bathroom, it's so big and, and had great lighting (my hair and make-up have never looked better). Scott and I got these awesome mirrors at Ikea also, I look so stupid in the picture.

So, I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing, and I want to know where everyone gets these cute and fun back grounds, I just can't seem to figure it out. Anyway, One of my favorite things to do is just lay around the house watching t.v. and munching on goodies. So to me fixing up our house is a great thing to spend money on. Scott and I go to Ikea about once a month and get great stuff for our home.

For the last 3 weeks I've watched nothing but Lost, which is a good thing. Lost is one of my favorite shows and I currently own all the seasons of it. My Scotty hasn't the opportunity until now to enjoy the tangled web of cast aways. I love him for it. He's caught up now, and we're looking forward to snuggle time on Wednesday night with good take out to enjoy my favorite pass time.

The longer I know Scott the more I love him. I never thought this was possible. My heart skips a beat when he walks into a room, and I reach for him in my sleep now. I can only imagine what it's going to be like 5, or 10 years form now, or to be like my grandparents and be married for nearly like 60 years. So this week he felt like I needed something special. My favorite place to shop is Abercrombie and fitch. I love the style of their clothes and would be a very poor girl if I ever worked there. This last Holiday season they put out an awesome zip front hoodie with a sweater knit lining. The jacket was well over $100. I wanted it, but knew it was way out of our budget. My Scotty being the thinker he is waited until after Christmas and got it for me on sale for about 75% off. I'm going to try to put a picture of it up, because honestly it's the nicest thing anyone has ever gotten me, well that and the tickets to the Ballet Scott got me for Christmas. I'm still trying to figure out why he loves me so much, but I know that I love him more than anything I've ever felt.

Alright enough with the sappy stuff and my love affair with clothes I've got a house to organize.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I got these to wear to the Ballet, they are just gorgeous
Our finished house

The awesome Hamburger phone I got Nathan for Christmas, he's calling women now because they help women now. :)

just a few more pics :)

Birthday's and Christmas jumbles in with Christmas lights

took awhile... but it's finished now.

Our Christmas tree!!

December is the busiest month for Scott and I. Not only is it the busiest time at work we have so, so much family stuff we have to do. The Christmas Lights on temple square turn on the Friday night after Thanksgiving, and the busiest night of the year, which happened to fall on Scotty's birthday this year, is the night of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Chrstmas Concert, a.k.a. mormons behaving badly. I spent the intire month dealing with angry latter-day saints upset that they all couldn't have the best table in the restarurant. I love my faith, but some of the people make me wonder if anyone is listening during conference, or reading the Ensign every month. I also love being blamed for ruining people Christmases. I had no idea that running out of Chocolate cake and having to wait 30 minutes for a table is what Christmas was based on. I'm just silly I guess.

Aside from having to smile while people tell me how horrid I am, it's also the season of many birthday's I'm not sure what happens in March, but too many people in my life were born December. Including my lovely husband Scott. But we were able to survive all the Birthday cake, and Christmas cookies, and still had money left over for a few awesome date nights.

Some of our highlights this years craziness were getting to celebrate both Nathan and Lauries birthday's together, being as Nathan has been gone for the last 2 years. Hulse family Christmas party full of laughs. My awesome christmas surprise of tickets to the Ballet to see the Nutcracker on christmas eve :). Waking up at 6:00 am to run downstairs to open Christmas gifts with Scotts family... remember that I'm not a morning person, and our awesome gift we recieved of a flat screen tv. We now plan many night in to watch movies and our favorite tv shows.

Out final party we threw this year was that for our dear friend Tim who joined the Navy. Now to not be confused with Thanksmas this party included all the same people, with a few added friends, and no meal, just snack food. We watched the dark night, played apples to apples, and ended our night in our party tradition of staying up late watching youtube clips. I'm going to miss Tim, and threats of removing his shirt :).

Now if I can get this to work I'll upload so pics of these joyous events.