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Monday, January 25, 2010

So Totally LOST!!!

There are very few things in my life that I get so excited about that I can't sleep or eat, weddings, babies, trips, work stress, none of that compares to the anxious, nervous, want to throw up feeling I get about the T.V. show "Lost". I enjoy other shows, Gilmore Girls, Glee, Roseanne, but nothing compares to LOST. What I love about this show is how it sucks you in, and you get so incredible attached to the Characters. The fact that it's filmed in Hawaii, and everyone in the show is incredibly good looking (well almost everyone) doesn't hurt either.

So for those who don't watch here is a quick (and I mean very quick) break-down of the show. There is a flight from Australia to Los Angles, crashes on a crazy island, with Polar bears, smoke monsters, a crazy french lady and "Others" who are trying to take children. The island was once used in the 1950's to store atomic bombs, and in the 1970's as a communal, peace/love re-treat, trying to build a new society, and change the world. The island is the main character of the show, it can cloak it's self, move, force people to leave and reappear in the middle eastern desert.
The show has these great flash backs, and flash forwards, that help you get to know the other characters better. After one show about a certain character, they become your favorite person on the show. You know about their past, why they were on the plane that crashed, how they ended up in Australia, who there parents were, why they do certain things, and if they get off the island or not.
The show has so much suspense!! Guns shooting, animals attacking, smoke monsters appearing. You never know what to expect.
The main characters lives all intertwine. One will have a beer in a bar with an others father who killed himself after hiring another to do a mob style job for them. You find out that two of the main characters have the same father, but they never know it! It's like a sci-fi soap opera.
The show leaves you hanging with so many questions, like, Where is Claire? She wasn't in the show at all last season even though the actress playing her still had her name in the credits! She just handed her baby over and walked into the jungle, into Jacob's cabin and hasn't been seen since. And what about Juliette, she basically sacrificed herself to save everyone, only to not die and still be alive in the end?!?
The great thing about the show is they have given and end date. You can only be stuck on an island for so long before becoming Gilligan right. The producers and creators have promised and answer to all the questions, and a nice little resolution. So there is no wondering if the show will return or not.
What I love the most about LOST is that I have gotten Scotty sucked in as well. Before I met him I owed season one, two and three. He wanted to watch them so he could be caught up and enjoy the show with me (what a sweetie). Scott is now totally obsessed with LOST as well. He will tell me when he sees previews while watching other shows, and has started a count down to February 2nd when the new, and final, season will start. Having him in on my little obsession makes in more fun. We have even talked about naming our children after some of the people in the show, Mathew Fox's character is named Jack Shepherd after all, and luckily they have normal names like Kate, Claire, John, Jack, James, Hurley and Sawyer so we're not thinking anything crazy here.
This is why I love good entertainment, it takes you to a place where you can let your imagination run wild and feel like a kid again in that sense, you learn to love people who are different, and learn about other cultures. You get to hope for a true love like they get, and a happy ending that resolves everything. This is the dreamer in me, however who doesn't want those things right, true love and a happy ending.
So don't call me or Scott on a Tuesday night until May, we've ran off to get LOST together :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

You're my only hope...

So I have had a feeling lately to put up a blog post, but I really have nothing going on in my or Scott's life really worthy of a blog post, but I do however have some random pics that I've never posted, let's see what stories they tell...
This is a terrible picture on my baby, we went to the Melting pot to celebrate New Year's, and the end of the busy season at work. This is our favorite place to go out celebrate at. It's a fondue restaurant, but it's so so yummy, we both just love it and save up to go there :)
These are my brother-in-laws Kyle and Nathan, they are red neck sledding, Kyle is driving the 4 wheeler pulling Nathan in the lid of a dog kennel, never a dull moment... Ellie the dog is helping :)
For the third year in a row Scott and I went downstairs at work and saw the Christmas lights on Temple Square. This is always a lot of fun, and you really only need about an hour to see everything. Plus we get free parking so it's a great date night.
Another picture from Temple Square, it was so pretty, really crowded, but pretty, I see this view every day, and it never gets old.
Another tradition Scott and I have is every year before Christmas we build a gingerbread house, we just buy the kit from the store, and they are great!! They come with candies, and frosting, and then on New Year's Eve, or Day, we smash it, eat some, toss it and clean up the mess. I have done this since I was a missionary in Binghamtom with the Parkers and their kids, I have a video of this I still need to show Scott. Scott and I have had such a great year, and I fall more in love with him everyday. I'm a really lucky lady. He makes me so excited for 2010!!