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Monday, November 22, 2010

4 weeks old!

Rivers was 4 weeks old on November 21. To celebrate we got our first big snowstorm!! being the awesome mom that I am, I made my husband and 4 week old baby go outside and take pictures in the snow.

Here are some facts about my 4 week old son:
He hates to sleep! I've never seen a newborn fight sleep so much, we have to cover his face after our 3am feeding to get him back to sleep (don't worry, I'm holding him and it's removed once sleep is accomplished).
Also he has to have "white noise" to sleep, my house have never been so noisy.
He hates his bath, unless he can just sit in the water. Getting clean is just too much work.
He loves to snuggle with Mommy, which mommy doesn't mind unless she gets peed on.
He has colic, which is a curse I would never wish upon my most hated enemy.
He is sooo spoiled! Every time he meets some one he gets a gift, or whenever family is around he gets a gift. Mommy is going to need more thank you cards.
He loves his grandmas!!!! The last photo is him with my mom, Rivers is such a good baby around Grandma Hulse and Grandma Shepherd, I wish they could be with him everyday.
Rivers HATES wearing clothes, and would rather be naked. It's cold so mommy is mean and makes him wear clothes everyday.
He also is exclusively breastfed, something mommy is proud of, and, when it's convenient, wears cloth diapers. Something else mommy is proud of.
Also, Rivers is getting so chubby, he almost doesn't resemble the little baby I brought home from the hospital.
He makes the silliest noises, he started cooing this week, but he cries are always so funny, we laugh at him, and he cries more.

Scott and I love Rivers so much and despite the colic would never change anything about him!

Monday, November 15, 2010

First Photos

I took my little man and got his photos taken when he was 11 days old. He was grumpy when we first got there, but the photos turned out super cute anyway. I wanna give a shout out to my wonderful friend Lyndi, who is moving back to Utah soon :), for making his super cute pumpkin cacoon. All the photographers went crazy for it, and asked where they could buy one at. You may have a business here Lyndi. I love my cute little boy, he really is such a blessing in our lives, and I couldn't imagine being without him!


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