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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yay for Spring!!

Dallin, our garden owl!

Our simple garden
Pondering the vision for the rest of the yard.
So the place we're renting really has a terrible yard, no one has taken care of it for years it would seem, so Scott and I have taken it upon oursleves to fix it up. Scott has tilled the area by the door and planed a flower garden, and just outside our fence, where the morning sun hits, he has planted a small vegetable garden. Everything was looking wonderful and we got a bit of rain and everything was growning, then I started getting ideas, like tilling up the whole yard and making it oun huge garden and eating only things we grow oursleves. Scott quickly told me that we don't really have the time or money to take on such a big task and we just need to make sure the few plants we have live first. Well one day we go out to check on our garden and something had eat up our tomato plant!!! It was only a twig! We were so sad, so we started trying things like pepper, and such to make whatever was eating it go away. Well that worked for only a day or so, then the new leaves were eaten up again. So we went to Lowes and bought an owl, I love our owl, when I picked him up there was a tag on him that said Dalen, I looked at Scott and said "Oh his name it Dallin, Oh Dallin I love you!" Scott and the Lowes worker that helped me find Dallin both just bust up laughing and then Scott and I went home. Dallin has done a great job, we now have a flurishing tomato plant that almost looks as big as it did when we bought it, who would have thought that I would care about a garden right!

Marriage... It's what brings us together today...

Super cool Marriage guys, he was nice...
Signing the marriage certificate.
Well it's happened my youngest brother Dirk married him baby mama, Shanna. They tied the knot on April 8, 2009, after being engaged for well over a year. We held a simple luncheon at my parents house after, and my mom put together so nice flowers. I did her hair and my brother Sean Dressed Dirk. It took a whole village that's for sure. I'm very happy for them both and I wish them all the best!!
First course, so so incredible

I'm so excited that I get to update my blog, it's been so long. We've had some great adventures over the last few months! March was my Birthday, and I got treated like a Queen. My birthday usually lasts about 2 weeks and this year was no exception. Now I just happened to be born the week before Conference, which means I spent the week before and week after my birthday being grumpy at work :). Scott is so patient and understanding, and likes to rub my feet. This year, on March 24 he got off work early and came home and cleaned the house, the whole house, it was great. I got flowers, and gifts. He even made me a pink cake!!
On March 25 which is my actual birthday, I slept in, and them Scott surprised me with breakfast in bed!! Being married to a chef is so great! I opened my gifts, and we an all day date. We saw a movie, and went out to my favorite restaurant the Melting Pot. Then we came home and watched my favorite t.v. show Lost.
After that we celebrated with Scott's family as well as mine. I was so blessed, I have such a great husband and a great family, I love them!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello World!

Well we finally have Internet again, I'm so excited, and we got a really good deal on it too! I'll be updating the blog soon, and I'm enjoying getting to read everyone Else's blogs and catching up with world again. It's crazy to think that only a decade ago I was in High school and we had slow dial up Internet that would tie up the phone line for hours and now I can take my super cool Yellow laptop all over the house and even outside. It's so crazy. I also relate this to my phone as well. I was completely anti-cell phone, but upon returning from serving a mission it was almost a necessity, and when I think about my first sad crappy little black flip phone and compare it to my Balckberry Bold with all it's features and apps, I wonder how I ever lived life with out it. I'm glad I have all these great things because it's a real blessing, and this has been such a great spring with so many blessings, it's incredible. Alright more tomorrow.