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Thursday, August 19, 2010


So it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged for a while. After this post you will see why, Scott and I have been very busy!! This post will be mostly pictures, so enjoy!
Keeping with tradition we yet again attended the Pioneer day Parade in Salt Lake. Scott even slept overnight on the parade route to ensure we got a good spot. Here we have my cousin Josh, Tyler (Nephew), Scott and Riley (other Nephew) in the ever wonderful umbrella hats. I love the Parade, this year we went all out and brought our camping canopy. The parade wasn't as great as years past, but we had a lot of fun. A bunch of our friends also spent the evening with Scott, so it was a good time and we were exhausted after the parade.
This is the best picture on here! We LOVE the zoo, and Scott is always trying to get me to pretend to be the animals. Here I am, 28 weeks pregnant, acting like a big horn sheep, this picture was just too funny not to post.
We got a great view of the mama tiger sleeping, the animals kept getting startled by the thunder and lightening. But she looks so peaceful here.
I would make a great Asian lady right?
Scott makes a terrible Asian lady :)
The baby elephant was so so so cute, here she is playing in the mud. I also have other pictures of her nursing with her mama. I could have sat there and watched her for hours.
Also just last week Scott and his brother Nathan ran the Black Ridge Triathlon in Herriman. I thought I had a picture of them both before the race, but it's not here....
Here the guys are entering the water at the start of the race. I can totally see Scott can't you?
Transition one, move from swimming attire to biking attire. I also have a great picture of Scott on his bike that didn't post either... Oh well...
Just after transition two, from bike to run. Look how cute he is...
Here Scott is at the finish line, I had made posters for him and his parents and Sugaru (more on him later) were there to cheer him on, along with Nathan, who finished before Scott... Go Nathan!!
Here he is my triathlete! I'm so proud of him, he set out to reach a goal, and he did it!! He was all sweaty and gross at the end, but I still gave him a big hug and kiss!
So I asked Scott what he wanted to do to celebrate his race day, and he asked if I would go to a demolition derby with him. Well being the wonderful wife that I am, I agreed. Apparently part of the deal was also to dress up... Here is Scott and I in our matching redneck attire...
Tie Dye shirts, orange trucker hats, me in overalls, and Scott in badly cut cut-off shorts.... too funny.
Near the end of the night we got a group shot, including our foreign exchange student Sugaru, who I just loved!! He was from Japan, so on occasion Scott and his dad got to practice their Japanese. He was so fun, and polite, and I'm so glad I got to meet him.
As for me and baby, we're doing well. I'm on track weight wise, and haven't had any problems after the kidney stones. Baby is growing great, right on track weight in weight, and has a good strong heart beat. He is also practicing to be a soccer player or a boxer. My guts are getting squished, but I guess he just needs more room. On a final note, we move into our new apartment on September 1st. I'm excited to pull out all me own stuff again, and be able to walk around in my underwear.