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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just a little something to help fight the winter blues :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

4 Months... Full of adventures

Time is going by so so so fast. I can't believe that 4 months ago I was holding my little guy for the first time.
Rivers is growing so fast, and he has been on some fun new adventures recently. Sadly these photos are out of order, but he's still cute so it ok.
We adjusted his swing into the big boy postition, he can't quite sit up on his own so the lap tray helps hold him in place.
We went to the aquarium last week, for 2 reasons, one it's fun, two to try and get him used to his stroller, we held him the whole time... so far it's a fail.
We also went to the zoo!! Rivers loved it! Okay well I don't know how true that was, but yet again he was out of his stroller being held, next time we try the wrap. Anyway, we planned on meeting up with Scott's sisters and Rivers cousin Emily, but because I had to work and wasn't feeling to great we only got to spend a few minutes with them. We only stayed for an hour or so, but it was super fun, and free. Rivers loved watching the animals move around, and of course loved being held the whole time.
Isn't this a sweet picture of Rivers, Emily and their Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd, I love it!!
Rivers brings so much joy into our home. Here are some fun facts about my little man at 4 months:
He's trying so hard to laugh. It's so cute, he does it from time to time, but I don't think he can control it yet.
He can almost sit up, I know he's young for this, but he rolled over early, and smiled early so I'm not surprised he wants to sit up early.
He found his feet! He is always trying to take his socks off and play with them, he can't quite get them to his mouth yet, so what happens is he gets his sock half way off and sucks on his thumb holding his sock, too cute.
He squeals at ear peircing levels.
He drools a ton!! We are on the look out for teeth now.
He loves to play in blankets, when he gets fussy I throw a blanket over him and listen to him grunt and squirm until he gets his face out, then he squeals in delight, so proud.
He goes from bottle to breast with out batting an eye.
Sadly, he likes his binky at bed time. I hate binky's and he loves his... sad mommy, but this isn't a battle I wanna fight.
He goes to the doctors Tuesday, any bets on what he weights?

Scott and I sure do love our little man and we are so glad he is part of our family :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

My serious Valentine...
For Valentines day this year, Scott and I had a $15 budget. I had to get creative this year working with a budget. So rather than one gift, Scott got 15 things from the dollar store, and he recieved one gift a day until Valentines day. He got a ballon, and lots of candy, and a bunch of other funny stuff. He also got some gifts from the baby as well. It was a lot of fun for me to come up with creative ways to give him his surprises everyday, and it was fun for Scott to have something to look forward to.
Scott cleaned the whole apartment for me, and got me cupcakes from my favorite bakery The Sweet Tooth Fairy!! Oh my goodness they are so yummy!! I'm so glad I'm breast feeding because I know they are like a million calories and that I have to eat a million calories to keep up with my growing baby.
Speaking of baby, he's getting so big! He's long and lean still, and has the cutest chubby cheeks. His eyes are huge and the prettiest blueish-gray color. He loves to look around and talk and squeal. He still hates tummy time, but now that he can roll over it's not as bad. I sure do love my men and I'm grateful I got such a wonderful Valentines day with them.
Scott and I are going out to dinner this Wednesday and hoping to avoid all the crazies who go out on Valentines day itself. I wish this hoilday wasn't such a hallmark holiday. Candy, cards, flowers, and food are nice, but not really nessasary when trying to tell someone you love them. I'm considering changing the day Valentines is celebrated in my home to sometime in the summer...

This to shall pass...

I'm just going to take moment to vent, since I use my blog largely for my journal, I don't care that I'm writing out these feelings.
I'm one of those mom's that just adores her baby. I find myself talking about him at every chance, and thinking about him and missing him all the time, even after he goes down to sleep for the night.
Rivers is such a difficult baby. I don't have any other children to compare him too, just friends and family's kids, but I just feel like I have the cute little boy with a personality the size of the moon. I ask him all the time how such a little boy could have such a big personality. I just feel so tired and drained at the end of everyday. Rivers likes to be held constantly, which makes doing anything else a challenge. I've even learned how to go pee, and wash my hands while holding him. Sometimes, when I hear others talk or see other babies, I wish mine was more like them. My baby won't eat if there is any kind of noise of distraction. He'll take the bottle fine as long as he can watch tv at the same time. If I talk he wants to see who I'm talking to, and wants to talk himself. He won't play with his toys on the floor, he whines the whole time and only stops when you pick him up. We've tried every new baby gadget out there, and those only provide momentary relief. He's so loud, his new trick is to squeal very loudly, all the time. I know I was cursed with a child like myself, looks like I got it. I hate getting frusterated with him because he's in this little body he can't control, and I imagine that has to be more frusterting for him than for me.
I feel like I just keep waiting for the next milestone in his life in hopes of him being better. I've dealt with colic, and reverse cycling, and growth spurts, and nipple confusion, and spitting up.
By 3 months babies are supposed to mellow out, but I think my son had gotten worse. Now I'm waiting for 6 months when he can sit up on his own a trys to learn to crawl, and can play with his toys. But I wonder if my baby will just be worse, I wonder if I will spend my whole life with him waiting to be disappointed. I want a baby that smiles and laughs, a baby that's calm and only crys when he's in pain or hungry or uncomfortable. I want my baby, just turned down a notch. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I've spoiled him somehow, or I've missed something in all the parenting books or doctors visits. I mostly just hate feeling like a bad mother. I've checked for colds, and earaches, and teething. Maybe we will just stop here and have an awkward only child, because I don't know how I'm supposed to care for another child and take care of Rivers, or take care of another child like Rivers.
I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning, but for now I'm just going to keep praying for answers on how to handle my little Dennis the Menace...