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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And may all your Christmases be White

So I'm so bothered, my memory card for me camera got a crack in it, so until I could get a chance, or remember, to buy a new one I've been using my phone. Well, I didn't take a single picture this holiday... I'm so mad a t myself!!
We had such a great Christmas this year too!! So if anyone is still reading this post with out pictures I will now recount the marvelness (not a word but should be) that was our holiday season.
We slept in on Christmas Eve morning, since Scott didn't get off work until after midnight. We were awoken to the sounds on my brother-in-law Clogging in the Kitchen, and the other brother-in-law playing the "Christmas Polka" on the piano. We went downstairs and made Cinnamon rolls, and cookies for Santa, bot ready, packed up the car and headed to my parents house. This is were we stayed for 24 hours of Christmas joy. My Papa Gene and Mama Connie came for dinner, and we open gifts with them and my cranky Nephew who missed his nap and was so so so grumpy. I love my Papa Gene and Connie, and one the the biggest regrets I have is that I don't get to see them as much as I used to, they are both just so giving and loving, and I hope I can be more like them one day :) After everyone left we spent the night and helped wrap some gifts for my mom, and went to bed to wait for Santa, who I think was really confused this year because we moved. We got gifts from Santa all over the Valley. My brother, his wife, and my Nephews came back over in the morning to open more gifts and have brunch. While we enjoyed out morning feast, my Grandma Jo, Uncle Trason, Uncle Bart, and my Grandma and Grandpa Hulse came over and opened gifts with us there.
After all that, we packed up the car and headed to Scott's parents house were we got the rest of the pieces for our Lovesac sectional that we've been trying to get... so basically... they bought us a couch!!! We are so spoiled and loved. We spent the rest of the day eating and chatting with family, playing games and watching movies, it was a lot of fun.
Sadly both Scott and I had to work on the 26th, so we missed the party at Grandma Shepherds house. We planned on seeing Grandma Shepherd on Christmas, but my sister-in-law get the opportunity to talk to her boyfriend in Australia (mission) so we choose to see grandma at a later time, which happened to be yesterday.
On the 27th was my mom's birthday, so after church we went over to see her, she showed us all her gifts, and we spend the afternoon with my parents. We headed for home to start cooking for the greatest Holiday of all... NEW THANKSMAS!!! Yes, this is a made-up Holiday, but by far the most enjoyable. My other husband Tim is in the Navy so he is only in town for about 4 weeks a year. We planned a whole party around him being in Utah. We had Ham, and brownies, and cookies, and potatoes. We played Apples to Apples, drank sparkling apple juice and told stories. Then we all went around the table, said something we were Thankful for, something we wanted but didn't get for Christmas, and our New Years resolutions. I love my friends.
On Monday we went up to Scott's family cabin in Fairview. This was the first time I've been up there in the winter, and it was so much fun. We had to Snowmobile in, the pipes were frozen so we had to melt snow for dishes and other things. we rode snowmobiles and went sledding. It was super fun but boy was I sore when we got home.
I am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends. I'm grateful for those in my life that help me and strengthen me, and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Scott, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Birthday's are very important to me, I love to celebrate the people I love, and with Scott being the most important person in my world his birthday was a big deal, and every year I have to out do myself to make him feel more loved and special. His birthday just happened to fall on the same weekend as the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert AKA the busiest weekend of the year at work, so I knew we wasn't going to be able to get the weekend off, so I came up with a few plans of my own. Now these pictures were taken with my phone, because the batteries in my camera were dead and I didn't realize, so they're kinda rough, so bare with me. Since we are currently homeless, and I knew he wouldn't be off work until after midnight, I cleaned and decorated our room here at his parents house, and I must say it was pretty awesome...
Here we have 27 balloons (the age he is turning) and his gifts on the bed, he got Chocolate milk, and his favorite cereal... the milk is in the fridge....
We had a family dinner with his family, this is the gift from Allison, and burger cook book, I know what we're doing for the next BBQ!
Kyle gave him a sparkly soap dispenser, very festive...
Gift cards from Mom and Dad, I like these because I know they are gifts for me too!!
This is his gift from me, it's a Wustof chef's knife, these are expensive, but I found an awesome half off deal, he was so happy he cried a little, and now he can show it off to his Chef buddies at work. I must say I am proud of my gifts, I seem to get it right every year. I'm also excited for Scott twin siblings birthday's on Wednesday, because I got Nathan a teenage mutant ninja turtle wall clock, to go with the hamburger phone I got him last year... I would love to get these kinda gifts :) Scott makes me happier than anything, and I'm so so so glad he was born, and I would do anything to make him feel special. I love you Scott, continue being great!!
On a less celebratory note, I am getting so stressed and frustrated with Christmas plans this year. So if you want to spend time with us, you will have to wait until after the New Year, because this year is full. This year Christmas Eve and Morning will be with my family, and Christmas day will be with Scott's, the Sunday before will be the annual Hulse family Christmas party that is held the Sunday before Christmas every year, we work on the 26th, and my mom's Birthday and Thanksmas are on the 27th. I'm getting sick of trying to please everyone on both sides of the family, and missing watching my darling nephews open their gifts. I didn't get to see my grandparents or siblings last year, and will not get to next year, that's just the pains of having a growing family. I think we will have a great Christmas because I'm with Scott, and will see some of the people we love, and will try to see as many as possible. The Holidays aren't about where we are and who we please, it's about the Savior, and letting people know how much we love them, we have all of eternity to express this, so if we don't see you this Christmas season, we'll see you in the Celestial Kingdom... if not sooner :)