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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't stop believin'

So our blog is just really boring right now, we have nothing to write about and haven't done anything since going to the zoo. I do work a lot, and I'm hoping that writing right now will save my sanity. Now everything else I'm going to talk about is from work, I want no one I speak to regularly to be upset, I am using my blog as my writing outlet. I have had so many thoughts and feeling lately and I have so much fear of upsetting people that I will often just keep everything inside until I just sit and cry. I don't think many people read my blog until I say something that people don't like, then I spend months feeling guilty about what I think and feel even though it wasn't even the person upset and I can't seem to make it better. See lots of babbling will be taking place here today.
Now I work in a restaurant, so I expect to some degree for people to be selfish, I am there to serve them and make them happy. But ladies are by far the worse. I feel like half the time I am teaching people etiquette. Now at lunch if you are in a rush I say leave the office with the people you are dining with, this way you don't have to lecher me on how hurried you are, and how your friend will be here any minute, and that you must eat now and tip me poorly because you just didn't plan well, and then when your friend finally does arrive don't sit for another hour holding my good table from others who might be willing to open their wallets instead of being tight fisted like yourself. Also, if you walk up and see a restaurant that it is full, don't be surprised when you are told we are on a wait. Believe it or not you are NOT the only one who thought about dining here, and when you finally do get sat, don't think that you are the only one being served, we have a full restaurant and your server is going to be serving other people. Often your waitress will have 5-6 other tables that are just as bossy and needy as yourself.
Now I don't like to talk about my job. Mainly because I don't really like it, and I don't have anything positive to say, I just happen to be really good at it. I think most people feel this way about their jobs, they are just not honest about it. I don't think many of us would choose to wake up and do what we have to do every day. I think we would all like to sleep and hang out with our families and friends, and do nothing. I make good money as a waitress, and like I said I'm good at it. I make old ladies love me, grumpy men laugh at me, I'm quick, efficient, and I know how to do my job to the very best of my ability, don't give me your bad day.
Also in my job I get to serve many church leaders, some good some bad. These men are just people with important callings, they like to go out with their wives, dine with their families and eat dessert and drink cokes with out being bothered. I want a good tip so please don't pester them.
I have talked about tips quite a bit in this post so lets get some things straight. Industry standard is 18%-22%, anything less than that is an insult. You sit there and do nothing, I get you drinks, soups, salads, pastas, meats, and desserts. You can ask me for more water, and new silverware, a different drink, new food if it's not what you expected, but I don't make soda syrup, I don't cook the food or make the soups or salad, my job is to make sure it gets to your table with out spilling all over you, some food takes longer to cook, salad can be tossed much faster than a steak takes to cook and if we have a full restaurant every one's food will take a minute to make, I can't control that, all I ask for is 20% of you bill. The math is easy, and usually not that much more than what you are already spending. Now Yes food should be fast, but if you want fast food, there are many establishments that carter to this need better than a sit down, course by course restaurant.
Well, I feel a lot better. If anyone is still reading this, I'm sorry if I said anything harsh or insulting, this my blog after all and you came here to hear my thoughts, and I did warn you in the beginning. I'm also sick of apartment hunting, and having a dirty house, and having to work overtime every week just to make ends meet and to help my my husbands dreams come true. I'm a good wife, and I work hard to take care of my husband, I'm sick of not having a decent running car, and planning for the future, I like living in the here and now! I'm also sick of feeling more than I can take, and not being able to do anything about it. I sometimes feel like I'm shouting at wall! I am very happy right now, my life is nearly perfect, and I think that is why I get so angry sometimes, we need the bad to appreciate the good, we need to evil to know what is right, we need the sad to understand the happy, and really that is what I think is going through my mind right now, I just needed and outlet.
I hope no one is angry and that everyone enjoys conference I know I will I'm so excited to snuggle with Scott and pig out while hear the voice of our prophet, sadly we'll have to miss Saturday session, but Sunday is all ours. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All I wanted was a simple way of life!

This last week has been boring, and I really haven't gotten anything to post. All we do is apartment hunt, work and well that's it, now I'm not announcing anything, and I'm not sure what we are planning, but I think Scott and I ready for a family. We are dirt poor, and we can't afford anything, our cars aren't working, and we are honestly not ready for this, but we both feel that if we wait, we will always be waiting. This might be what we need to do to work harder, and save our money more. I'm not asking for opinions, but I know people worse off than we are with kids and I know that we just need to put this in the Lords hands. On a plus side we may have found a place to live that is still within our ward, and is about $150 less than what we are currently paying. It is smaller, but it's a duplex with one bedroom and an unfinished basement we could make into my owe personal Huge walk-down closet. With that much space downstairs we would have more storage, and, in turn, be able to live in a smaller space. So the renter is a first time renter and she has received so many applicants that she is being selective, but as it turns out she is an inactive member of our ward, and knows a lot of members, who happen to love us!! So everyone keeps dropping in and putting in a good word for us, so we are just hoping and praying that she picks us to rent out the duplex. So our lives are changing constantly, and I'm just trying my best to keep up. I'm just putting my faith in the Lords hands now, and letting whatever happens happen, knowing that this is what the Lord wants. If we get the duplex, great if not, it's time to move on, out of our wonderful ward, and if we get to stay all that much better.
And on top of this, my hair has already grown like an inch and I think it's time to cut in again, I really like this short hair stuff. Scott really like it too, there is much less hair in the bathroom, and he never has long brown hair on his shirts any more, or the car or the couch, or anywhere. So again, who knows what's going to happen. So if you all could pray for us, and continue to be supportive that would be great. Again, we are not having a baby, well not yet :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New background??

So I changed the background for a more fall feel, I love this time of year, it's pretty much perfect for everything, weather, shopping fashion, ahhhh I'm so happy.
Let me know what you think, I liked the former one, but I like to change things if ya haven't noticed. So let me know what you think, because I just might change it again :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So what I'm still a rock star!!

So... I love going to the zoo! Scott and I have a few things we do every year, and those are going to Lagoon, and going to the zoo!! I have gone to the zoo every year of my life, no lie even while I was a missionary. I'm all about zoo education, and protecting endangered animals, and all that jazz, the zoo is just such a wonderful place for people of all ages. Scott loves the zoo as much as I do, he acts like a little kid, which makes me excited for the day that we bring our own kids to the zoo. After the zoo we went up the canyon for lunch a Ruth's diner, then out for ice cream and some lite shopping. I hope that every child big and small has a chance to go to the zoo. And that will be in my speech when I win my academy award, or Mrs. America :)

I really enjoyed these bronzed statues that were all over the zoo, they were new from last year, and way cool, I took pictures with almost all of them, my camera died, but they were way fun.
Scott misses his mom, what can I say.

This is why I love him, he will do honestly anything I ask, including embarrassing himself at the famous compare yourself to to the apes wall :)

I have pictures of me doing this almost every year of my life, this year was no exception, I do however refuse to actually use this drinking fountain because of germs, but it make a great photo

This is just the cutest picture, my new hair looks great, and we both look so pretty, I'm glad we went to the zoo, and we had so much fun too!!
On another note, we just found out today that our landlord will be raising our rent starting in October, and the apartment just isn't worth what they are raising it to. So we will be out of our apartment November 1st, which is plenty of time to find a place and pack and move, but I just hate moving, ugh. But the hope here is that we can find a nicer place, with more closet space, and maybe an extra room, so we could maybe start a family. I know people have kids that are worse off than we are, and in less room than we have and with less money, and less time, but I want our kids to know we're there, and to be able to run around and see mommy and daddy close by, and also... well there are just lots of things, and I'm sure at some point I just need to buckle down and say OK, maybe now we can start a family. We have been very blessed in this economy that we both still have jobs, and have even improved at our jobs, my only hope is that we can continue to improve so that when the economy (maybe) evens out we can come out on top. Life decisions suck! I wonder if we can live at the zoo?