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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of Rivers McKean Shepherd

Rivers days pretty much the same, and I think he's a pretty lucky kid! Here is a glimpse in to the life of Rivers McKean Shepherd:

Wake up around 7:00.  nurse on one side, diaper change, then play and watch TV while mommy gets ready for the day.
 Nurse on the other side and naps around 8:00. After that... Real breakfast, which includes oatmeal, a fruit and usually some cheerio's or a graham cracker...
 We usually have errands to do, this day I was helping dad fix something, I love to play with rolls of duct tape!
 I'm one lucky kid, I get to go on walks and sometimes I get rained on, but I'm lucky because mommy usually makes it up to me by going on another walk later :)
 I also get to explore outside, there is so much to see in our front yard.
 When I'm really lucky mommy lets me try some of her slurpee, I love slurpees!  I also love going on walks at the park!
 I recently learned how to pull myself up onto the furniture.  But mommy is always pulling me away from the TV  it's not fair...
 Have I told you how much I love the park!! Mommy says we're really lucky to live by Liberty Park, I get to play on swings and eat the grass, and all the old people stop to tell me how cute I am :)
 I love books, this is my current favorite, it's call "Eight silly monkey's"  Have you read it? It's a must!!
 My mom and dad also put this awesome fan in my room.  Now that I can crawl and stand, whenever mom isn't looking I go into my room and try to knock it over.  If you can't find me I'll be in here trying to cut my fingers off...
 I also love my sippy cup!  Nothing like a refreshing drink to help you relax.  I learned to do this after our road trip, that trip might have been more enjoyable if I would have learned sooner I think :)
 Lately I've refused to take my afternoon nap, so sometimes I get super sleepy during dinner.  On this night I get chicken and apples in my eyelashes and all over my arms.  Mom hated to wake me up, but I was a mess!
 So I had a bubble bath, but I found out you can't eat bubbles...
After baths we get ready for bed, and say good night to the house.  Once I'm convinced that nothing exciting is happening with out me I go right to sleep.  These are just the highlights of the day, there's lots more I don't like, like scripture study, family prays, naps.  Those things just stop me from playing and exploring.  I think they'll be more fun when I have discovered everything ever in the world.  For now I'll just pull mommy's hair, climb over daddy and get on my way.  I'm pretty lucky, I have a great mommy and daddy who love me and let me play, explore and learn.
Mommy is right, I live the life :)

Fourth of July!!

So I know I'm a bit behind on this post, but Scott got sick, then I got sick at the same time Rivers got sick and cut a tooth.  I spent many nights sleeping in a rocking chair comforting an unhappy little boy.  Loosing sleep sucks, but I"ll gladly loose sleep to take care of my sick baby who needs his mommy.  He isn't always sick, and he won't always want his mommy, so I'll take the extra snuggles and loves now while he's still so eager to give them.  We're all on the mend now, and we had a great holiday that need to be remember :)
I love any holiday that involves a chance to dress up, eat junk food, and stay up late.  Rivers sure know how to party!!

isn't his outfit just the cutest! My auntie Debi gave it to us, and it's a great summer outfit, plus he looked so festive :)
Here's how our Fourth of July we went down:
Was told by the Bishop in a meeting to spend time with family, have a BBQ, and blow something up with fire.  So, I did.
Scott got a 2 day Holiday from work, which never happens, but magically happened twice this month. With Scott's calling in the Sunday School presidency, and my in the Young Women presidency our Sunday's are pretty busy, and this weekend we both had to teach, so sadly we were unable to attend the baby blessing of Scott's cousins baby (with me on that one?).
After church however, we went down to Scott's grandma's house for the luncheon after.  It was so fun to hang out with all of Scotty's cousins, and show off my super cute little guy.  He loves being around people, and made sure to show off for everyone :)
While we were down there we took the opportunity to see Scott's great Grandma Alta, Rivers other Great Great Grandma, lucky kid has 2!
 Rivers LOVED her!  He was all hugs and stares, which means he thinks that person is important :)
 He was so cute!  He played in Grandma's yarn, and crawled around her house.  I don't think Grandma Alta was up for someone so excited, but she sure seemed happy to see the little guy
  After we visited Grandma Alta we drove over to see Scott's Grandfathers grave.  Rivers, Scott, Scott's dad Mark, and Grandpa Lee all have the middle name McKean after Jean McKean Shepherd. Jean is Scott's Great Great Grandma.  We took a photo, but It wouldn't upload.  I thought it was important for Rivers to visit his great grandpa's grave.  I never met Scott's grandpa, but he seemed like a great man and I hope we will try to go out there every year.  After we got home, we stayed up (including Rivers) and watched the neighbors fireworks.  Rivers loved them!  He only got scared once when one was really loud.  This kid has no fear :)
We woke up Monday and had great fun!  We went to breakfast, played with the neighbors, made cupcakes, and had a BBQ with Scott's other side of the family.  After we came home and watched the fireworks at Liberty Park from the comfort of our front lawn.  Rivers slept through all the chaos, which meant Scott and I got to enjoy the fireworks with our friends with out chasing a rug rat.
I'm grateful for Scott's family, and how wonderful they have been to us.  I'm also grateful for the chance we have to celebrate with all of them.  I want Rivers to know he's loved, and be proud of who he is.
I'm also grateful to live in a free country, and to be able to celebrate those freedoms :)