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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oliver's Birthday Bonanza, Part Two

Part Two took place on his actual birthday.  Ollie had a normal morning, but after his mid morning nap we packed up and went to the zoo!!  I think Rivers had more fun than Oliver, but we were all happy so it was a success for me.

We did have a lot of fun, we rode the train and the merry-go-round.  We packed a lunch and saw all the animals.  

After we came home and rested we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd, we had a gift card and kids eat for free so it was way great.  

After dinner we came home and opened gifts.
 Then ate cupcakes

I can not even begin to express the love I have for my little Oliver.  My heart needed him so much!  From the moment he was born he was just this wonderful part of our family.  
We  tried for another baby for a year before I got pregnant with Oliver, we were exploring IVF and adoption, seeing how much the cost would be and what would be involved.  I'm grateful to my OBGYN who helped me research and prepare my body.  I feel like I got so lucky to have Rivers, and even more lucky to have Oliver.  I prayed and prayed for him for so many months.  The moment I held that sweet little boy in my arms I knew I was home.  After he was born, around 2 weeks were became aware of his skull issues.  Then began our long road of CT scans, cranial scans, helmets, doctors, ultrasounds, stress and sleepless nights.  I had to fight with doctors, and insurance all for something that wasn't even guaranteed to work.  His skull is still ONE degree off, but he is thriving.  Oliver is a bit physically delayed, which is common for helmet therapy, but was a risk I was willing to take.  After all was said and done I wouldn't change a thing.  Stupid comments and pity stares, all worth it to have this amazing little man in perfect health and with me forever.

I love you Oliver Eugene and I am so so so so so glad you were born.