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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oliver's Birthday Bonanza, Part Two

Part Two took place on his actual birthday.  Ollie had a normal morning, but after his mid morning nap we packed up and went to the zoo!!  I think Rivers had more fun than Oliver, but we were all happy so it was a success for me.

We did have a lot of fun, we rode the train and the merry-go-round.  We packed a lunch and saw all the animals.  

After we came home and rested we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd, we had a gift card and kids eat for free so it was way great.  

After dinner we came home and opened gifts.
 Then ate cupcakes

I can not even begin to express the love I have for my little Oliver.  My heart needed him so much!  From the moment he was born he was just this wonderful part of our family.  
We  tried for another baby for a year before I got pregnant with Oliver, we were exploring IVF and adoption, seeing how much the cost would be and what would be involved.  I'm grateful to my OBGYN who helped me research and prepare my body.  I feel like I got so lucky to have Rivers, and even more lucky to have Oliver.  I prayed and prayed for him for so many months.  The moment I held that sweet little boy in my arms I knew I was home.  After he was born, around 2 weeks were became aware of his skull issues.  Then began our long road of CT scans, cranial scans, helmets, doctors, ultrasounds, stress and sleepless nights.  I had to fight with doctors, and insurance all for something that wasn't even guaranteed to work.  His skull is still ONE degree off, but he is thriving.  Oliver is a bit physically delayed, which is common for helmet therapy, but was a risk I was willing to take.  After all was said and done I wouldn't change a thing.  Stupid comments and pity stares, all worth it to have this amazing little man in perfect health and with me forever.

I love you Oliver Eugene and I am so so so so so glad you were born.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oliver's Birthday Bonanza. Part One

Rather than have one big party for Oliver's first birthday I decided to stretch it out over a week.  It was awesome and I'll probably always do it that way, for both boys.  

Part one was on July 13, the Sunday before his birthday, at my parents house
We invited my brothers, grandparents and parents.  It was great to get everyone together and to celebrate my amazing little man.

We had spent the weekend up and Scott's parents cabin, and left early so we could get all the part stuff done, including OLIVER cupcakes, balloons, food, and decorations.  Everything turned out so cute and I loved it!  

The party theme was "One-derful" see what I did there, turning one, I'm awesome.

The second "R" got swiped before the photo, I think calling him Oliver Olive is cool though, like a rapper name or something

Ollie Loved his cupcake, but really loved the ice cream.  After he smashed the cake he started licking up the ice cream off the spoon.  
All he wanted to do was crawl into the toy room and play with the toys, and showed no interest in opening gifts.

I loved all the love and hugs my little Ollie got from my parents and grandparents, it's so nice to feel your child is loved.  

I also love a reason to throw a party.  I had a blast making decorations, ordering balloons and cupcakes, and putting it all together.  

I want my kids to know that their birth is a big deal to me, and I'm glad they were born.  

My heart needed Oliver so much, as I've reflected upon his birth I can't believe how calm and wonderful it was.  Oliver was such an easy newborn and I've loved watching what a great big brother Rivers has become.

Speaking of Rivers, he was so great during all the attention Oliver was getting.  I tried to talk to him beforehand to make sure he knew that he was just as special and that his birthday was coming up.  He has wanted to play with all of Oliver's toys, but he's been really good at sharing and he has been so kind about everything.  I wish Rivers was my big brother.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

I love the Fourth of July, I mean really love the Fourth of July.  I spend many nights making decorations, and for a whole week I dressed the boys in only Red, White, and Blue clothing.  I love fireworks, and BBQ's and families.  It's pretty much the best thing about summer.  
 This is hipster Ollie in his newborn hat stretched over his head in one of his patriotic outfits.
 Cousin Tyler
 Flag blankets for firework watching
 Ollie slept for the fireworks, look at his long skinny leggies!!
Morning after.  I loved the boys in their matching shirts. 

We had a BBQ at my parents house since my mom had the Fourth off this year.  we had tons of yummy food, and I didn't mind keeping the boys up late.  Well Rivers anyway, Ollie crashed at his normal time.  We had a lot of fun.  Both boys slept in a bit and took turns snuggling in mom and dad's bed.  I'm proud to be an American!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big things for Ollie at 11 months

June 17 my sweet, youngest boy turned 11 months old.
This day was a very big deal
This was the day he got his helmet off
This is probably one of the best days of my life (after getting married, having Rivers and having Oliver of course.)
Look at that perfectly round head!  I learned a lot during his whole helmet process.  I learn how much love I really have for my kids, I also learned how to handle this with Rivers as well.  For the first few months I would get sitters for Rivers, but I noticed his behavior towards Oliver wasn't pleasant during that time.  I don't think his little 3 year old brain understood what was going on.  After I started involving him, taking him, teaching him and having him help he understood that this wasn't a punishment for Oliver or himself, but that it was something we had to do with out choosing.  

Oliver celebrated with a cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy and he loved it!! 

11 month old Oliver was a hoot!  Crawling all over the house, making messes, stealing toys, eating crap off the floor.  He has been the greatest blessing.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Binge Blogging

Get ready for some binge blogging!!  I know you're on the edge of your seat.

Since Mother's day Oliver turned 10 months old

And is still cute as ever!!  He's a small guy, but that's okay.  I'm not planning on having another baby for at least another year so I don't mind enjoying my small fry Ollie Wallie.


We consulted with a pediatric physical therapist in our ward about some therapies for Oliver.  What they don't tell you about helmet therapy is that there is a high rate of babies being physically delayed.  He's only behind by maybe a month, so it's not too bad, but by 10 months old he still wasn't crawling and showed no interest.  After learning a few techniques we started to see progress. As I type this he is now almost one, and crawling all over the house, making messes, getting stuck, and bugging his brother.

Oliver loves to eat! He is happy to try new foods and prefers "adult" foods over baby foods.  

Here he is eating pancakes, best day of his life! Having a kid that eats is awesome! I can pretty much put any food in his bowl, or on his tray and he will eat it and enjoy it.  Such a change from my oldest who eats the same 9 things all the time, everyday. 

That's all I have time for now, because the boys are needing some attention and I really don't like to be on the computer while they are awake.  

More binge blogging later :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I'm a few days late on this Mother's Day post, but oh well.  Scott gave me a great day, I was however battling a cold and the boys ganged up on me and woke up a ton that night between Saturday to Sunday.  All the same it was still pretty great.  I slept in, which for me is until 8:00 AM, had some crepes, and checked out me gift.  Which was a new car, well a new used car.

I also got a new candle, which is awesome.  Back to the car.  2011 Altima. it has a handy smart key, super dark windows, and is super nice.  
We have been in the market for a new car for a while.  Oliver's new convertible car seat is huge, and in our now older car the passenger seat had to be pushed up all the way just to make it fit.  We looked into an SUV, but this car actually had the most space.  We still want to get a bigger car in the distant future but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  I have so many requirements for vehicles now.  
Back to Mother's Day.  Rivers sang again in sacrament meeting.  He did so great!  He is such a little performer!  The primary sang two songs and between songs I looked over at Scott and Rivers called out "Mommy I'm up here!"  It was hilarious.  Ollie fell asleep nursing during Sunday school and I got to do my favorite thing, hold my sleeping baby and rest with him and snuggle.  We left early to head over to the Shepherds to make dinner for Meg.  I was also battling a cold, I think I might be allergic to rain or something because this happened a few weeks ago during a few days of rain, hence to allergic idea.  Maybe it's mold or something.  
Anyway, I feel so blessed to be these boys mom.  I was talking to Scott the other day, reminiscing abut when I brought little Oliver home from the hospital.  With Rivers I was scared and nervous, everything was new and I was unsure.  With Oliver I was amazed they let me take him home!  I was so overjoyed just being with him!  He was mine.  Rivers is so sweet, and happy, and smart, and funny, and handsome.  He has the best laugh, loves to snuggle (now, wasn't always the case) and is the best big brother.  He often comes up to Oliver, gives him a hug and states "I love this guy!" How adorable is that! He loves to make Oliver laugh, and is fairly helpful.  Rivers will also make statements like "I'm so proud of you" and "Can I ask you a few questions?"  He wants to help with everything. Oliver is also pretty great.  He is always so excited to see me in the mornings.  He loves to snuggle, seriously loves to snuggle.  Oliver loves to sleep in my arms, lay in my bed with Scott and I, sit on my lap, be held in my arms.  He loves to clap his hands and sign 'more'.  He loves to eat whatever we are eating.  Such a change from Rivers.  I still can't believe he's mine, that I get to keep him.  Both boys.  I love being a mom, I feel so blessed to have them both.    

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

While I begin to type this I can hear Oliver yelling from the other room, reminding me that he is there, awake, and that for him nap time is over.
While I set this aside to rescue him I thought I would post about Easter.
Easter is one of my favorite holidays, well I guess that all holidays are pretty much my favorite, since there isn't a ton.  I mean if you look at it there are only a few good ones through out the calendar year.  Easter has the best candy, and it's an excuse for me to dress my children up in pretty clothing.
I like clothing, maybe I'll add that to my header.
Anyway, we had our traditional Easter.  Baskets Easter morning, egg hunt with the Bradbury's, church activity in the evening.  Okay, so we don't have church activity every Easter, we did this year.  Sunday is church in our new clothes, thoughts of our Resurrected Savior, dinner and fun with family. I'm so blessed with wonderful in-laws.  Here are some Easter Photos.  I didn't take as many as I thought, but the ones I get are good for memory sake.
 Some grumpy bunnies
 Obligatory Easter suit photo
 Checking out his goodies
 Respectful observance 
  These boys are just too cute!!

I am so in love with these seersucker suits I found for them online at Target.  they were on a good deal, and free shipping!  I was asked if I made them, I didn't, but thought about saying I did.  They got so many compliments and looked so adorable!  We had a good Easter and Oliver get me a gift of sleeping through the night, twice! (Knock on wood)