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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yeah Thanksmas pics didn't load, so here's the 2nd try

Jingle Bells

Well we're grearing up for the holidays, and I really struggle around this time. Christmas has always seemed too comercial, and over done, and ususally end in a fight or disappointment. But this year being my first as "Mrs. Shepherd" (which became offical last week) I decided to try to get into the spirit of things. I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of red and green things, like garland and placemats, and bells, and bows. Our home looks really festive, only we don't have tree. Scott and I have very different opinions about trees. I'm against them, he's for them. Now I understand it's all tradition and I think that'll mean more when we have kids, but trees are messy and you just toss them later, creating such a lose for our enviroment. So... here is our compromise. We've planned to buy a cut little pinetree, and after Christmas we're going to plant in my partents front yard and hope it grows, and then tell our kids how that was mommy and daddy's very first christmas tree as husband and wife. Sappy I know. But this way I feel like I'm pleasing both of us.

Another hoilday tradition is a thing called Thanksmas. Last year, me, Scott and a few friends started this holiday. It involves a pig, men without shirts, a pole, and Apples to Apples. It was a great party this year, and we couldn't get Tim to take off his shirt. But Tim is going into the navy early next year and I'm throwing him a farewell party next week. If everything goes as planned that boys will have his shirt off by 8:00 :).

Another sad event was the passing of my long time friends Kiera's father. He was a great man and I was really upset when he I heard that he died. I take comfort in the plan of Salvation and know that the George family will be together again. I know that Kiera knows this too, she has so much strength and is such a wonderful person and is really an example to me. I got really sad thinking about the lose of a parent, her father wasn't much older than mine, and was in good health. I have their family in my prayers.

Well I'm done, but to give you a tastey treat her are a few pics from our annual Thanksmas party... Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I know that I've only been married for a few weeks, but I think it is the most fun thing in the world, I love that I get to wake up next to my best friend and see that make-my-knees-weak smile every day. This has been a crazy week. My grandma Jo is in the hospital, complications to her gall bladder surgery she had last week, so Scott and I blew off all our other plans and went up and saw her on Sunday, I think she really enjoyed our visit and to my knowledge she was able to return home on Monday. We wanted to spend as much time together as possible this weekend because I'm being train to manage the restaurant this week and have had to work 10-10 for the last 2 days because I'm still serving half the day and managing the other half. When I work this much it maked me miss my baby to much. I mean yes, I get to work with my honey, but I really only get to talk to him about guests needs or food, so it's been rough. But I know I get to go home with him, and wake up next to him... well most morinings. Sometimes Scott likes to sleep on the couch because he gets too hot while he sleeps, and those mornings always make me sad.

One of the greatest things about wakeing up next to Scott is his hair. Now I know we both need hair cuts, but his hair get so funny when it get long, his curls go crazy!! They end up looking like a fauxhawk, but we've named it the Scotthawk. I love the Scotthawk so much it maked me laugh and smile through out the day. Here are a few photos of the Scott hawk.

Monday, November 10, 2008

CHANEL *sigh*

I'm going to tell you a little story. I love fashion I read about it, I watch about it, I study it, I study it, and breath it, I literally live for it. I know to look for stitching, construction, and value. If a pair a jeans costs more than $120 I can usually tell you if it's worth it or not. I believe this comes from some where early in my childhood and now as I build my home with my husband I am finding that there is just no room for his clothes.

Now in my opinion the highest quality for fashion is Chanel.

I can remember watching my first fashion show on the Style network when I was about 12 or 13, and the first Fall fashion wrap up show was on *sigh* Chanel. I fell in love. I began to be silently obsessed with the line. I love EVERYTHING that Chanel has ever done. The suits, the hats, the jewelery, and of course the handbags, even the perfume (I love Chanel No. 5). So I'm from a not so rich family, working class, and for a girl like me ever owning something from the coveted brand was just out of the picture. I can even remember when I had my first job saving 1/2 of my paychecks in hopes of one day purchasing something from Chanel. Well as like most high school kids I spent that money on food and American Eagle clothes and gas, and just hanging out with my friends thus never obtaining something from Chanel. Until now.

Okay well I still don't have anything "real" from Chanel, I do now own something fake. While we were in NY we went down to China town and hit the shops on Canal street. We had a blast! From the second you get off the subway on Canal street there are just all these huge African-American men trying to sell you stuff. All the store fronts are legit. businesses and on the side they sell knock offs. Now as a true fashion lover a knock off just won't do, but unless I get a billion dollar tip it's just not happening for me. So, Scott and I wandered up and down Canal Street for about half and hour being approached by these black men before we decided to give in and see what they had to offer. Now the man was trying to sell us a Rolex watch and Scott told him we wanted a hand bag. Well the man we'll call him... Jim. Jim pulls out his iphone and starts scrolling through all his "stuff" and told us to follow him. Scot and I looked at each other and said "okay." He took us down the street and around the corner and down another street and he waked about 8 feet in front of us looking over his shoulder every so often to check if we were still there. Well he stops and tells us to walk to the corner and meet a woman in a brown coat. We walk to the corner and there is this just tiny Asian woman. She asks "You want purse?" We nod and off we go again around corners and down alleys until we get to this parking lot. We follow her down a row of cars, until we get to this van. She open the van door and climbs in and tells us to sit down on the rubbermaid tote, and close the door. The van was covered with purses, and the windows were covered with black trash bags. Scott and I squeeze on to the tote ans she starts handing me Chanel bags.

"What you want back on black, white on black, black on white? How big?" She asks me I tell her I want white on black about medium size. and she hands me a bag. My heart stops. This is what I've been looking for! It's black with a white double C big enough to hold a book, but small enough to fit in between my car seats, with straps to put it over my shoulder but short enough to hold it comfortable at my side. I was in heaven. Well it was only $25 so we bought it, knowing that it was likely a fake. She takes out money puts the purse in a black bag and tells us we can go.

We wonder back onto Canal street and purchase some little things for Scotts siblings and head back to the hotel. Well like I said I know a bit a bout fashion and began to examine my new purse, and as I suspected it was a knock off. A real Chanel purse has a number stitched on the inside and mine I'm afraid does not. But I still feel cool carrying it.

Knowing it a fake I began to ask why the great lengths to obtain a purse with no real value? Well Chanel is a brand, a brand that sells for hundreds and thousands of dollars, to take the name and put it on another product is well illegal. So as much as I love my purse it is a fake and now that I'm a poor newlywed I'm unlikely to ever own anything authentic from Chanel I'm going to just enjoy my fake purse and dress myself up like a rich city gal and pretend I paid $1,ooo,ooo,ooo for my purse and enjoy life... but I'll continue to dream of my Chanel life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elections, snow and car problems oh my

So it's my day off and I'm trapped in the house. I really need to do laundry and run some errands but the saddest thing in the world happened. It all started on Sunday night when Our Jeep did something that neither of us had ever seen. Our Check Gages light came on well the only gage that looked wierd was the battery gage informing me that the battery was dead. Well the Jeep is clearly running so I don't believe that the battery is dead. Well we make it home okay and it starts up in the morning for work and drives just fine, well half way to work the gage light comes on again but again the car is still running. Well from what I can tell with my vast car knowledge is that the car is still running but the battery is getting weaker. Well Tuesday rolls around and it's time to vote. I haven't changed my name or voter information yet and I have to go to my parents neighborhood to vote and Scott has to go to his parents neck of the woods to vote so only having one car and both of us having to work that night we concure and divide and manage to get all things done. Well as I'm driving from the polls to my mom's house the car acts funny but is still okay. I'm concerned and my mom lets me borrow her jumper cables since I loaned mine to my brother and he has yet to returned them. The jeep gets me home and gets me to work but dies when I get to my parking spot. Well when Scott and I leave work after hearing the out come of the election. The jeep starts... but is dying fast we make it about half way down state street and it just dies I pull over the lights won't work, it won't even try to turn over it's just dead. We call a few friends, and try to flag down a car to help (which no one did... thanks Salt Lake drivers) and call my dad.
My dad is a dog catcher for West valley and he comes in his dog catching truck blocking 2 lanes and jumps the jeep. It starts up and get almost home before dying again, luckily my dad followed us home and we got the car into the garage. Well now it's snowing like it does on the east coast and we're too cold, poor and lazy to walk to the car store and purchase the things we need to fix the car or the money to tow it somewhere to get fixed. Oh and we think it just a broken wire to that alternater that is the problem because when the battery is charged it will work. I love my Jeep, but I hate this snow and I hate not being able to get this fixed. I'm just grateful that both Scott and I have the day off today and it looks like I need to look up the bus schedule to get to work tomorrow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jumping on board

So... I've decided to start blogging, why, well duh everyone has a blog and I'm starting this new phase in my life and thought this would be more fun than writing in a Journal.

Scott and I got married October 16 as close to sunset as you can get. We had a wonderful, very small wedding and then went out to Dee's for dinner (getting married makes you hungry).

I love my husband, now yes I know that is how every newly wed couple feels, but I feel like I am finally finished. I wasn't incomplete without Scott, but with him I feel whole. He really is my best friend. I can tell him anything, do anything, act in any way and he understands whether it be funny, silly, angry, or passionate.

We had the best reception I have ever seen and yes I am bias. We had our reception on October 17 at the Gallivan Center in Downtown Salt Lake. The weather was perfect to food was incredible and everything went so smoothly with the exception of our cotton candy machine not showing up. And like every Princesess I got to leave in a horse drawn carriage after running through a shower of sparklers. It was the most wonderful, magically weekend of my life. I'll post pictures when I get some.

For our Honeymoon Scott and I went to New England. We stayed at a little B&B in Berkshire Mass. and went to places like Albany, Boston, Cape Cod, New Jersey and NYC. We had so much fun and spent all our money and are now truely poor newly weds. I'd complain, but I made these choices right :)

Alright, I'm going to post more when I can, and write about all our fun adventures on our honeymoon and as we start our lives together.

I love my life!