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Monday, February 2, 2009

Long December (aka, sick of cold)

Counting Crows... Favorite band. So these pictures are sort of out of order, but it's all good.
My super cool new Phone, the Blackberry Bold, sleek and slim
Oh I just love it, only I have no phone numbers, sad.
My Grandma gave us this great entertainment center, it's great and looks so nice in our place, and look how good it looks with our tv and magazine holders.
After, way after, we crushed our gingerbread house, it was such a mess!
The king of the distruction!!
I made these super cool cupcakes for our family super bowl party. They were so awesome.
Cute cake I made the frosting was so yummy!
Yeah, Scott is so sick of me taking pictures I take pictures seriously every day!!
So this month has been way lazy and slow, although, we got a lot of organizing done. It started off with my Grandma Jo gave me this great entertainment center, and we got into cleaning and organizing fit. I went through my clothes and gave a bunch away, organized our bookshelves and even hung a great red shelf in our kitchen. Our home feels so much like a home now.
So I also had, and it really felt like a had, to get a new phone. I got some water on it while getting ready for church last week and but the end of the day my phone was fried. We went to the phone store, and they were nice and told me to call the warranty people, they told me to go to the other store and have them fix it. Well, we head over they, they check it out and told me to call them back and get a referbished phone. Ugh! Well they start arguing with me about how I broke my phone... just so you know never be honest with these jerks, just lie and say it stopped working. So after 2 days with no phone I reorganize our finaces and decided to get a way high tech phone that is great. I can use it as my planner, check my e-mail, and facebook page. It's been so awesome.
Also I've been really homemakey (yeah I made that word up) lately too. I found this recipe for an awesome chocolate cherry cake, and even as I write this I have big plans for an oreo cake I wanna make for Scott. And for the annual family Super Bowl party I decided to make these super cute foot ball cupcakes, and they were so fun and yummy. Poor Scott is going to get so fat!