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Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had such a fun Christmas this year.  Rivers was so cute!  I love that he finally "gets" it.  We did lots of fun things this year before Christmas that really helped me get in the holiday spirit.  Here are a few photos highlights of our adventures.
 Dinner with Santa, Rivers loved this.  Our friends the Flynn's set this up.  It was pretty cool.
 Lights on temple square, a yearly tradition.  We went the day of heavy snowfall and it was so beautiful.  Going this night it was surprisingly warm and way less crowded.  
 Rivers and Scott built an awesome snow fort, that later became a tunnel.  Hours of fun.
 Christmas morning, Rivers was so cute.  He woke up and came in our room and quietly asked "Do you think Santa came?"  We left Santa a note with our cookies and he left us a reply about how good Rivers had been and how he left us some treats in the fridge (makings for a yummy breakfast).

Oliver just wanted to play with the wrapping paper.  Christmas could have cost me next to nothing. 

We spent the Sunday before Christmas with my Papa Gene (Ollie's namesake) and Grandma Connie, Grandma Jo, my Parents and brother Sean and my cousin Kristen.  It was a great time with lots of love and laughs.  Christmas eve morning was spent at my Grandparents Hulse's house with my cousins, aunts and uncles.  That evening we went to Scott's parents house and opened gifts with them and syked with Scott's brother Kyle who is serving a mission in Russia.  We spent Christmas morning at home and after a yummy breakfast we went to my parents house and spent the day with them.  

Then we came home and packed for our trip to San Diego.  More on that later.