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Sunday, August 30, 2009

To cut!!!

So, the answer was to cut. I was debating about this issue for a few weeks, and I was talking with my best friend Shaelynn, she said "It sounds like you've already made up you mind to cut it, just go do it." And she was right, so Tuesday August 25 I walked into the salon, got a great cut and color!! I love it so much, and I actually look thinner and more mature, my clothes look better, and my get ready time has gone down so much. I'm still getting used to everyone one I know telling me how good it looks, if you ever want attention cut 14 inches off! No lie, everyone I know is ewwing and ahhing over my hair, which was fun at first, but now is a little over kill. It does look nice, and telling me that does make me feel good. My manager at work seriously couldn't get over it, she made everyone stop and look at my hair, at one point I had 4 people touching my hair, which has always bothered me no matter what length my hair is.
I've been going through a sort of self improvement makeover for the lase few months, I changed my make-up, got rid of a bunch of clothes (which was so sad and hard to do), re-arranged the kitchen and bedroom, cut my hair, and now the biggest most notable change has been my attempts to act like lady. When I was younger I always had dreams of being like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, these ladies knew how to act in every situation, knew what to say, what to wear, and how to work any crowd of people. I have always wanted to obtain that. I have been read books about this and I myself have been doing a few social experiments with this over the last few months. I'm not going to post those now, but my findings have been remarkable, and I have noticed a huge change in myself. I think this haircut was the final step in my make over process. I hope you enjoy these pictures from this big step in my life.

The cute girl who cute my hair, she was so great!
The first cut!

This pony tail is currently in my kitchen, it was used to tell my mom I cut my hair


Front, all in all I cut off a total of 14 inches and I love it, I've very happy!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

To cut or not to cut?

Alright, so decided to grow my hair out when I was 19. It was to my chin and I wanted to look like Lana Lang on Smallville or Alanis Morrisette. I stopped straightening my hair, and began taking pre-natal and other magic hair grow pills and within a year I had long hair. It was fun, and I kept growing it out through out my mission and for the last 3 years. So basically I've had the same hair style for the LAST 5 YEARS!! I've changed the color, added and grown out bangs, but for the last few months I have really thought about cutting it. I love my long hair though, but I feel that it is taken over who I am, I hide behind it, and it defines who I am more than my personality does. But at the same time, I feel like I've gained too much weight to get away with short hair, and it seems that every girl I've known has cut her hair off after getting married, and I really didn't want to be one of them, and it seems I might be. So before I make any rash decisions I've decided to take it to the people and get your opinions, please answer my poll question and we will see what I do :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tomorrow is a brand new day and it don't know white from black!

So as some of you may know I'm terrified of water. Just to prove my love for Scott I have been trying to over come this feat, because Scott loves water, swimming and all that sorta stuff. Well, Scott grandma instead of having a party for every grandchild she throws one big party where she rents out the Spanish fork pool. It was super fun to see everyone and we were grateful for the love that Scott's family has for us. Now all week it had been warm and I kept thinking "It's fine I'm going to the pool on Saturday, I'll just deal with the heat until then." Well, it just happened to unseasonally cold that day. I asked Scott what would happen if it rained on the day of the pool party, Scott informed me that it never happened so he didn't know. Well it didn't rain, but it was incredibly cold. We all dove in and it was actually warmer in the water than it was outside the water. We had a great time and were so tired when we got home. It's sad to think that summer is coming to an end.
My cute honey in the pool, I did go in and splash and play, but knowing that it was going to be hard to get out when the party ended I got out a bit early to dry off so I wouldn't be a baby about it later, I'm so proud of myself.
Here is Scott going to jump off the diving board!
Look at that form!
I went down this slide too!! But pictures of Scott are more fun for me!

We had a lot of fun this day, we also went to the farmers market that morning, and the county fair before the party, Scott and I don't really get many days together, or time to do things like this and it was so much fun. I'm glad that I'm learning to get over my fears, and that I have such a wonderful support in Scott to do so.