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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rivers Birthday: Actual Birthday

Rivers was sick his birthday... it was sad.
After calling the doctor and asking around and looking on the internet, I have come to the conclusion that Rivers has Roseola.
It's pretty common, but still no fun. 
It's frustrating for me because he's never been sick, and now all at once he's got all sorts of sicks.
He's still in decent spirits despite feeling yucky.

Here is how Rivers spent his day of birth!!
 He spent the morning playing with his new toys and his birthday balloons :)

 For Lunch we took Rivers to McDonald's to try some chicken nuggets and fries. 
He wasn't too keen on them... I blame his sickies.
 He sure loved the ice cream though!!!

 After dinner I thought I'd try the cupcake thing again... still not into it...
 But the candle was pretty cool!
Rivers went to bed early, and slept a lot that day.  He's on the mend now, but having him be sick sure has been scary for me.  The high fever and rash just freaked me out!!
After talking with some other moms I realize I need to relax a bit, but this is my first child, and I'm a bit crazy.
I'm sure with my next child I won't be so panicked. (That's not an announcement!)

For those who care, Rivers looks super cute in his new jammies!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rivers Birthday: The Party!

We had a little party for Rivers on Sunday October 23.  It was just Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  We kept it simple, and I think everyone had a good time.

 Rivers got some really great gifts, mostly toys and clothes, which is just what he needed.

 Scott and I got him this cute little chair, which he loves!  He got some fun cars and lots of annoying toys, which aren't too bad, and were needed since all of his toys really where for much younger babies.

The menu was Hawaiian Haystacks, and banana cupcakes.  I based the menu on what his favorite foods are.  He loved dinner, and enjoyed going from guest to guest and eat off their plates. 
But he wasn't too keen on the cupcakes.  I even tried to give him a cupcake the next day to see if it was performance anxiety.  Nope.  Still not liking it.  Oh well there is always next year.

He wasn't feeling well, and was up late that day (it's his party).
As much work and stress as I put into this party I'd say it was a hit, and I'm so thankful for all who came. 
I'm glad that my baby is loved, and that he has such a wonderful family!!!

One year ago....

One year ago, I went from Mystie to Mommy.
One year ago, I received the greatest gift from my Heavenly Father.
One year ago, we went from being a couple to a family.
One year ago my life was changed for the better.

One year ago Rivers was born!!
Happy Birthday Rivers!!!  I sure love you
Love, Mommy :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 years

3 years ago we did this...
 A year later we did this...
 Last year we did this... (look at me 9 months pregnant, bless my heart)
 This year we didn't get a photo together, but we did this....

Being married is the greatest!  I married my best friend, on my other best friends birthday.  2 years later we had a baby.  My life is awesome, and I long for the day when I can stay home and play with my baby all day, and keep up our home for my husband... One day when student loans and other debts are paid off.  My life is good, my husband is sweet, and my baby is amazing...
Here's to 97 more years together (yes I plan to live to 125 years old)...

Who needs sleep?

Not Rivers, that's for sure.....

My child is cute, my child is sweet, my child is funny, what my child isn't is well rested.  Here's the story.
Rivers room has a west facing window, which mean at bedtime the sun is right in his room.  Solution? Dark curtains.  Worked like a charm, plus the House behind our had this awesome tree that provided even more shade when the sun got low enough and Rivers room was nice and cozy for bed time.
Well, the house behind us went up for sale and got sold.  and the new gay neighbors (I can say that because they really are gay) cut down the tree!!!!  Making Rivers room yet again too bright to sleep.  Like super bright, like noon time bright.  Grrrr!  So, I got out the duct tape and a couple cardboard boxes, and covered that blasted window!  Now his room is a cave.  Super dark, with weird shadows coming from the monitor light.  Rivers started to wake up scared, screaming and crying late at night and early in the morning.  Solution, a small night light. 
No not a solution at all!!  I went to check on Rivers before I went to bed when I got home from work, and he woke up, and didn't want to go back to sleep.  Finally I nursed him and sang him back to sleep after he played in his crib for an hour.  Then he woke up twice more, and took FOREVER to go back to sleep both times!!  So the night light is out, and I think I will just deal with the half an hour of screaming rather than the hour of chattering and singing to himself. 
needless to say he took his mid morning nap early this morning, without his night light.
Rivers did however find a suck, managed to get the wrapper off and ate it this morning.  It was really cute, and with my lack of sleep I didn't care.  then he threw a fit when the sucker was all gone and I wouldn't let him eat the stick.  This is what happens when you don't sleep.  after cleaning his hands and face (and the walls and the TV and the doors) his fit got worse and he went down for a nice nap.  I'm a great parent.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin patch!!

So, I've always had this dream of taking my child(ren) to a pumpkin patch, letting them wonder around, play in the dirt, and finally pick out cute little pumpkins.  Dream fulfilled.  We found this cute little pumpkin patch in Riverton that was perfect!!!  They even had a little corn maze and some fun tractors for kids to sit on and get pictures taken.  Rivers loved it!!  We had a great time, and this will be a yearly event for us :)
 He was in pumpkin heaven!!!
 Just helping out a bit!!
 Mommy's pumpkin
 Rivers pumpkin
 The pumpkin Rivers really wanted... to throw around... we left this one at the patch...

He had so much fun!  I have some pictures from the corn maze, but they're on my phone since the camera died, but they wouldn't upload... Grrr...
I think I might let Rivers paint his pumpkin, but I don't know maybe he's too young for that, any suggestions? 

We are getting so excited for Halloween here at the Shepherd home, not to mention Rivers first Birthday which is quickly approaching.  October is just he best month!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rivers Baby in Pictures

Rivers pretty much has the run of our house, and it's deserved, he's pretty awesome.
eating treats off the floor

while sitting on mommy's church bag

let's get to know Rivers better.....

hand, usually carrying a toy or treat

food usually very wiggly

Ear, one feature that is mine....

neck, good for kissing and tickling

eye, getting sick of having pictures taken

reading books

day dreaming

dancing, passes the time

cheeks, I love these!!!

Rivers classic "duck face" caught on film

  To say that I'm obsessed with my son is an understatement, he's the greatest and I wanted to take a moment to capture some small things about him before he gets too big.  I'm really lucky to be his mommy.  He's been so good over the last few months, really happy and playful and super lovey.  I can't believe a year has almost gone by since he entered my life.  I love you Rivers

Pear Pie

What do you do with extra pears after bottling? Make Pear Pie of course.  I got this recipe from Scott's family and it is delish!!!! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Don't be fooled, we had like a million pears to cut up

Bottles, bottles, bottles!

taste testers.
So some of you may know this, but Scott and I have a dream to own a farm and be as self-sufficient as possible.
So, among learning to sew, and garden, I am also learning to bottle fruits and veggies.
It's hard work,
I made some awesome Raspberry jam a few weeks ago, and last week my mom got an amazing deal on pears, so I took a day off work, broke out the apron, and got my bottling/canning on!!
Everyone warned me about how hard pears are to bottle, and they weren't fun, but everyone made it sound like I would die by the end of the day.  It was a lot of work, but I was strong and pushed through. 
The result was fabulous!!
It took all day, but I will love it later this winter I'm sure.
Plus, I saved some pears to make some pear pie this week.