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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Rivers is finally taking interest in eating "adult" foods.  I'm really excited about this, largely because both Scott and I LOVE food.  Scott as most of you know is a chef, and I've been working in restaurants pretty much since I was able to work at the age of 16.  We love to watch cooking shows and cooking competitions.  It's great!! Scott and I bonded over food, and when Rivers started eating solids we would get so excited to have him try new things we would both have to be there to see his reaction. 
Last week Scott wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. He was craving chicken fried chicken.  It's so fun to go out to eat with Rivers.  All the waitresses have to stop and say how cute he is, and he of course flirts back.  Then the food comes and he just gets so excited!!  We break up small pieces and let him try everything.  Some he likes some he spits out, but either way it's super cute and super fun for Scott and I.  We don't eat out often, but he does the same thing when we eat at our parents houses.  He's just getting so big and so smart!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is in the Air

This will be my last post where I can talk about my baby in the age of months... Next month my amazing little man (Who is teething right now and is not so fun to be around) will be a YEAR old!!  I can't believe it!!
I love spending time with my family, and now that our lives at a bit less crazy we get to do more things together.
Sunday, after church and before we had a small dinner with Scott's parents (Scott's Mother's day gift was to make 2 Sunday meals for her whenever she wanted, and she redeemed one earlier, and one yesterday), we decided to go for a small drive up Emigration Canyon to see the changing leaves, and to take some pictures of Rivers in his super cute church clothes :)
It was magical, and bubs LOVED it!!
 These colors excite me!!
 Isn't this breath taking?  the scenery is pretty too ;)
 I bet he's thinking "How much trouble would I be in for crawling up there?"
 I look very much like a Pioneer woman here, "Me and my child arrived in the valley on a lovely autumn day, the air was crisp and the valley lay ahead of us in all it's bountiful glory..."
 It just looks so much like a painting, it was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Rivers is the best, most awesome, fun little baby ever (sorry everyone else, it's true).
At 11 Months, Rivers:
Has 2 1/2 teeth, 2 on bottom and half of one on top, and a fourth one making a debut any day now.
Loves to eat whatever Scott and I are eating, especially sweets.
Plays peek-a-boo with himself.
hates wearing shoes.
Loves to chew on remotes, cell phone, keys, and anything else you might be looking for.
Loves the colors green, yellow, and orange.
Likes to dance with mommy.
Tries to help with the cooking and cleaning, but really isn't much help :)
Thinks his feet are funny.
Likes to sit on mommy's lap.
Doesn't like to be alone.
Has a fever :(
Has out grown EVERYTHING!! seriously, the boy is running out of clothes, and is still too small for the next size up!!
Loves wheels
Wants a puppy.
Lights up my life, every moment of it.  He's so amazing....

Scott was bugging me and I told him he'd pay for it... haha, here is his sleepy face!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another day...

One of the best parts of my busy life is when my little guy gets fussy and I'm worn out so we go for walks.  We live across the street from Liberty Park, and it is glorious!
"Will you be here when I get back?"


Come back baby!

Living in an apartment we don't have much of a yard, and living by a busy street I often get nervous about just letting Rivers play around the yard, even though I'm out there chasing him around.
But going to the Park is so fun.  We have a big open field to run around in, and swings, and a splash pad, and pool, and tennis courts, and volleyball, and spot to BBQ, and Tracey Aviary.  So much to do, and yet so close!  Plus there is always sun things going on at the park.  It's been such a huge blessing!

And this is how I get to end my night... every night :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Day!

In my line of work (both as a mom and a waitress) I don't get a lot of personal time.  For the most part I don't really mind, but as you can tell from my last post I needed a break.

Here's how my day went.
Take care of Bubs... That never changes and that's the part I like best.  (after a full day off I really wish I could stay at home full time)
Do some Yoga, best part of my day next to snuggles and hugs from my bubs.
Made myself look pretty, this and Yoga, as well as breakfast and blogging happened while Bubs was taking his mid-morning nap.
Head to the Library, run in to co-worker Heather and talk about work and Scott's school.
Go to the bank.
Drop Husband off at school.
Head to the party store, Someone has a Birthday coming up.

Get some gas.
Head home for Lunch, and naps.
Do the dishes (finally).
Straighten up the house.
Get a birthday package together for my dear friend Max, who's in the MTC, and it's his birthday... Yes I have a really close friend who happens to be 8 years younger than me.  We make it work.

While I put together all sorts of birthday fun, Rivers plays with my cell phone, and somehow gets it under his bed... I found this later :)
Head to the post office with no cell phone, and a 10 month old baby... worst place for kids ever.
Head to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner, and treats for my night :).
Come home and look for my cell phone.
Pick up Scott from his study group.
Feed Bubs and put him to bed.
Make dinner.
Watch GLEE!!!!Glee

Think about going across the street to the Farmers Market, but it's getting dark and Scott can't go because he has to study and someone should stay home with the sleeping baby.
Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
get ready for bed.
call my mom.

It was a pretty crazy day, but I needed it!! I know it sounds full, but a lot of it was stuff I put off because I have to work or go to mutual every night.  I wouldn't change it for anything in the world, but I loved having a chance to do all the things I've been wanting to get done.  Whew I'm long winded.  I need to keep these post shorts. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

some rants

So, I had something I wanted to blog about, but I forget what it was....
Here is an old picture of me, back when my name was Mystique Hulse.  I wish I was that size again, I wish my bra was that size again....

Here is Scott with a snake, back when he was a newly wed.

Here are some things bugging me this morning that I feel a need to vent about... If you don't want to hear me vent (I don't blame you I don't want to hear me vent) please skip down to the bottom.
*I hate my hair.  I wish it was a little curlier or straighter, and maybe a little longer.
*I hate people who think that their events are in some way more important than mine. "I'm sorry to tell you I can't attend your dogs anal surgery party I'm having a root canal... are you really asking me to re-schedule?"
*I'm mad that my baby only naps for 1 hour when others will nap for 2.  That's just the kind of guy he is.
*I hate zits, and the fact that I still get them at 28
*I hate how much guilt I feel, telling people "no" and asking for help just weighs me down sometimes  all the time.  I just want to do and be everything to everyone.
*I miss my fast metabolism
* I hate always having to stretch every dollar. And on that note I hate that Payroll wasn't able to deposit my check and I had to call and complain and raise a ruckus in order to get MY money. 

Here are some things I like.
*I like cereal, it's fast, easy, healthy or unhealthy whatever you want.  It's my dream food.
*I like the way my little guys walks around the house clapping his hands
*I like people who give me helpful advice when I ask instead of telling me what I SHOULD be doing.
*I like people who come in to eat late, but leave me a huge tip.  Thank you for acknowledging the fact that you have kept me away from my family longer.  Working is hard, and I hate being away from my baby at bedtime.  I'm grateful some nice guy last night appreciated that :)
*I love wearing skirts w boots, I think I'll do that today
*I'm stoked for the season premier of GLEE tonight and that I finally get a night off with out other pressing affairs.
*I love my Scott, He lights up my world.
*I just ADORE my son.  I just think everything he does is wonderful and magical, he's another light in my life.
*I love all the people who read my blog... all 4 of you :)

Alright I'll stop now, thanks for allowing me an outlet....

Monday, September 19, 2011

State fair review

butter "art"

Sea Lion show

YAY for Goats :)

studly men

Really BIG pumpkins

Turkey that Scott claimed bit Rivers
 A few Saturdays back we went to the State Fair.  It was loads of fun and wore little Rivers right out.
Rivers and I had never been to the Fair before, and I think we will go again.  We ate good food, and tried new things, saw some super cool animals and produce. 
I love spending time with my little family :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labor Day weekend

swinging away!

 Over Labor day weekend we got the opportunity to head up to Scott's family cabin.  Scott wanted to go hunting, and we realized that Rivers had never been up there.  It was rough for him, so I think we may wait until we head up again.  It didn't help that the poor little guy cut a tooth and is such a light sleeper that he had a hard time sleeping.  He sleeps great at home, going to bed around 5:30 and sleep until 7:00 the next morning. But He just doesn't adjust well to sleeping away from home.
We left on Saturday night after the BYU game (yay.. that's a sarcastic yay).  We planned it so Rivers was all ready for bed and slept most of the way up there.  We got his sleeping stuff all set up and brought him to bed.  He slept for a few hours then was up ALL night crying.  The first night was only a few Scott's cousins, and an aunt, and they claimed they didn't hear him, the next morning we saw that pesky little tooth that caused all the trouble.
That was also the first night we've ever "co-slept" with our baby, and Rivers is the craziest sleeper ever!!!  We brought the portable crib, but he slept better in my arms, meaning I got no sleep.  The next night the rest of the hunters and families showed up and it was just way to noisy for him the sleep.  Plus it was cold.  I think we may do day trips from now on, and Scott will have to go hunting without us.  At least until Rivers is better at sleeping away from home.
We did have lots of fun, Rivers Loved the swing as always, and playing with all his cousins.  He also showed off his sweet walking moves for everyone.  We went on some fun 4-wheeler rides (us not the baby too loud and he's too small still, he's a little guy remember), roasted some marshmallows, bbq'ed, played with a dog, and we even managed to stay on schedule so Bubs took good naps and was cute most of the time (except at bedtime). 
We were grateful for the get away, and now Rivers can eat his cookies by biting into them so win all around right :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sinful Sunday

Sunday I made this!!
Last Sunday we had Stake conference (Sept 11), I really debated about going.  I like Stake Conference, but with a baby it's just so hard.  I know from now on it will always be crazy on Sunday's and I just need to go and see how little man does, but for now, a restful Sunday at home felt nice. 

Not to be wasteful with my time I found this website with a recipe for Peanut butter Fudge Trifle!!!!!

 This was amazing! I took it to my folks house, because I knew I would eat it all by myself if it was left here.  it was so rich and yummy and amazing.... I may have to make another...
 Along with my awesome dessert making skills you can see my awesome gardening skills.  We planted 8 stalks of corn, 7 got blown over by the wind, 1 grew to full plant "adulthood" and produced one ear of corn... that never got any kernels... it was sad.  Clearly I have missed my calling as a farmer.
The mess!!  Totally worth it!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My studdly little man started walking on August 24!!  That would be the day he turned 10 months old.  I am a proud mama.  Both Scott and I walked early, and Rivers has always wanted to stand and walk, even as a new born he loved to put weight on his legs.
On the morining of the above mentioned August 24, we had placed some Cherrio's on the coffee table, Rivers had been standing for a while and he took 3 cute little wabbly steps towards those cherrios and has never looked back! 
He's so cute he looks like a little drunk sailor trotting around the house, and of course has to be in whatever room mom is in :).  He won't hold my hand, but luckily he's still small enough that I just pick him up and carry him. 
Look out world, here he comes!! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Case of the Mondays.....

We're having a bad case of the Monday's here at the Shepherd home...
Todays' highlights include:
2 poopy diapers
Rivers sticking his hands in one of those poopy diapers
Fridge Shelf breaking while making Scott's lunch.
Homemade Balsamic Vinegar falling off broken shelf, spilling all over and fancy glass bottle holding the Vinegar shattering all over the floor.
Rivers falling off the couch.
Getting bit a few times.

My house is a disaster!
But Rivers woke up from his mid morning nap happy, I was able to get my hair and make-up done, and it's a beautiful day out side.

We're getting really excited for Autumn here at the Shepherd home, and I may have already gotten Rivers a Halloween costume :)

A few Posts I know you're eagerly awaiting.....
*Rivers learns to walk... includes video
*Labor day at the cabin
*State Fair!!
*Sinful Sunday (not as scandalous as it sounds)

Stay tuned.....