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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Make Mommy Happy

I never know what will make Rivers laugh, so I try to have the camera on hand when it does happen. We don't have a video camera, so my cell phone does the job for now. His laugh is just too cute.

 And here is a photo of that sweet smile :)
He wiggles a lot so they're blurry,sorry...

March 25

So after baby turned 5 months old, I had a birthday too!
So for my birthday I make extreme lists that I don't expect to get.  This year I calmed it back a bit, but I didn't expect everything still (I want to think what I do get is a great surprise because I know I won't get it all so what I do get is the surprise, make sense?).  Here's my list:
Picnic in the park with Scott and Rivers
New Toms
New clothes
Hair cut and color
Sleep in.
Knowing that we are poor, I didn't expect to get everything, But I am super spoiled and got my whole list!
Here's how the day went.  Scott got up with Rivers and made me french toast for breakfast while I SLEPT IN. After breakfast I got to open my gifts from Rivers and Scott.  Rivers found out we are going to California in June, and bought me some beach toys, like a Frisbee, and sand buckets, and a water football to throw at uncle Nathan.  Scott got me the black canvas TOMS I've been eyeing for months now (Toms are the greatest shoes ever, and I love them!).  After we exchanged the ones Scott got me for the right size :) we went to Jimmy John and got some sandwiches.  When I got home Scott decorated the house with a big yellow sun over our living room light so I could have SUNSHINE for our PICNIC in the house (it was :( snowing).  It was super fun!  During our picnic, my mother-in-law called to tell me I had a hair appointment for a CUT AND COLOR on Saturday.  After lunch my mom came and took me shopping for some NEW CLOTHES!  After shopping we went to Tucano's for my free birthday meal, then I came home and slept in again because baby was up late and slept late, which never happens. 
Rivers take picnics very seriously!
I feel very spoiled.  Scott also cleaned the house and made me a red velvet cake. 
Saturday I got my hair done, and on Sunday we went to the Shepherds where I got some more great gifts from in siblings-in-laws. 
Every years since being with Scott my birthdays have gotten better and better. I love Scott so much and even with out all his great birthday planning I know he loves me!
Now if only we could get some real sunshine...

5 months

I need a pause button for life for a minute.  I can not believe how fast time is going, my sweet little boy is just growing so fast.  I wish things would just slow down. 
Thursday March 24 was 5 months since Rivers was born. 
 He's just getting so big, and so smart, and so much more fun.  He just wants to play, all the time.  Such a simple thing right, too bad some times you have to sleep, and eat, and take baths.  He's pretty good for the most part, but he defiantly is a playful dude.
The picture above was taken while blowing raspberries in an argument with mommy as to why going to sleep just wasn't a good idea right now.  It's hard when I see him so sleepy, but not wanting to sleep.  This was one of many nights that we spent trying to adjust to daylight savings, which took almost 2 weeks to do.  He sure is stubborn.
Oh toys, what a great joy!  I have loved this stage of his life, everything is so new and exciting, and mommy is the most funniest thing ever!  I love showing him a new toy and watch him grab for it and wiggle it and put it into his mouth, put it into the other hand, wiggle it, put it in his mouth, then throw it on the floor. 
At 5 months Rivers:
Sleeps. A lot. Clearly all his previous problems were because he was sleep deprived.  The problems we face now is interrupting his sleep, and convincing him he's sleepy when it's obvious to us.  His naps aren't super long, but he's getting about 30-50 minutes of sleeping in during his naps, and only wake for about 2-2 1/2 hours at a time, this is all great to me.
Is obsessed with faces, of all kinds.  He grabs for mine and Scott's faces a lot, and other family members as well. But he also loves the faces on stuffed animals, and my tiki cups I have on our shelf.
Has to be the center of attention! If it's quiet at all he screams or yells so everyone has to notice him, and if you leave him alone in a room He will "talk" louder and louder until you come back to get him.
Loves to be held.  When he's lying down and he sees you coming to pick him up he flails excitedly while you pick him up.
Blows raspberries, all the time!
Hums when he's angry.
Loves "The Price is Right"
Hates squash, but loves carrots, pears, rice cereal, and anything coming from mommy.  We gave him peaches this week, and I think they are too tart for him, he eats them, but I don't think he quite knows what to think of them.
Has never worn shoes.
Clams up when in front of a large group of people.  Sunday I went up to bare my testimony (Scott was working on his Sunday School lesson so I took baby up with me) and while I was waiting to go up he was loud and silly, but once I got to the podium she clammed up and was so silent.  Stage fright or feeling the spirit? Who knows?
Is still swaddled to sleep at night.  I'm afraid he won't sleep as well with out being swaddled, and I'm a wimp to find out what will happen if he's un-swaddled.
Sits up, but is still a bit "top heavy" so if he gets distracted he'll fall over.
Is still the light of my life, all I think about, and my greatest joy in life.  He's so fun, and happy, and loves me so much.  I know it won't always be this way so I want to keep him in this stage as long as possible..
I just love my little boy so much!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tag game

So I don't usually answer these tag challenges, largely because I've never been tagged before, but my sweet cousins tagged me, and I want to give Morgan something to read while she takes care of her new sweet little baby, if he ever arrives :)

Here is my answer to a tag challenge!

1: Places I go

Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Liberty park

2: Favorite smells

Scott and Rivers
Anything with Garlic
Chanel no. 5

3: Favorite TV or movies
Back to the Future (the whole trilogy)
Arrested Development and the Office (I had 5 answers)

4: Recommendations

"The Hunger Games" book Series
"Slum dog Millionaire"
Setobellos (best Pizza ever!!)
Nars Orgasm blush (this shade seriously looks great on everyone, totally worth every penny!)
so everyone one else had great recommendations, but I just interpreted this different, others I might include would be to pray as a family, read scriptures daily, always pay your tithing, don't tug on Superman's cape, don't spit into the wind, but these were seriously the first 4 recommendations that came to mind :)

So the four people I tag are.
Allison Meadows
Christy Lively
Laura Bradbury
Jamilla Rassmusen

I'm not bugged if you chose not to play this game, I was tagged weeks ago and only tonight decided to play because I wanted to blog about something.  Love you all :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our little Leprechaun

So, I have the cutest little leprechaun ever!  I'm sorry, but my son is just the cutest thing ever.  I just love him and those chubby cheeks and button nose, and big blue eyes, and perfect little lips. He's just too cute!

 Saying family prayers before mommy leaves for work.  I don't think he understands that we are praying, but it looks like he is trying to fold his little hands.
 Ignore the fact that I still have Valentines decorations up, I work a lot.
 I am actually Irish, so that makes my little Rivers part Irish too, and as it turns out I have some family from Ireland with the last name Rivers.  I didn't know this when naming him, but it's cool how that worked out.
Twins!! My men are so cute together in their matching shirts.  This was right before nap time, so poor bubs is so so sleepy, but it was the only time I was going to be able to get a photo of them together before I left for work this morning.
I'm a sucker for a theme.  All this week I have worn green in anticipation of celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  Don't worry back in February I wore pink and red for a week to celebrate Valentines day.  I love going to the store and the bank on St. Patricks day, seeing everyone wearing green and celebrating.  I think we need more holidays like this, where you just dress up and eat uncommon foods.  No gifts or cards required.
To celebrate we had corn beef and red potatoes (because cabbage is yucky, and gives baby gas), peas and pistachio pudding.  It was delicious!  It was the first time I've made corn beef on my own and it turned out pretty tasty, and Scott is excited the have Reuben sandwiches this week. 
I wanted to get Rivers a new outfit for St. Patricks day (remember I'm a sucker for a theme) but Scott thought that was too much and he could just wear something he already had.  We compromised and got him a new green polo shirt he can wear to church also, and his cute "Kiss me I'm Irish" bib, that was on sale.  Bright green is favorite color.  It was one of the first colors he could see, and he is still attracted to things that are that color. 
Rivers is also getting excited for my birthday.  He keeps trying to tell me what my gifts are, but he gets so excited he just blows raspberries and squeals.  He's a pretty awesome kid :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry and what do I chose to do with my time, blog, eat nutella out of the jar and watch this weeks episodes of General Hospital (don't judge, I've been watching since high school and it never gets boring, and it shows my commitment to things). 
I've been meaning to post about Rivers getting his first taste of food first hand, but I've been slacking (lots on GH to watch and all) and now my photos and video of this monumentus event are not uploading correctly.  I often wish I knew more about blogging, maybe then my blog would look all cool and not just be a tribute to my husband and son.
Speaking of my husband, he got into the University of Utah starting this Fall.  We're pretty stoked here at the Shepherd house.  I'm not sure what this means for me, but it's nice to see Scott pursuing his goals.
I speak very highly of my husband, I am the President of the Scott Shepherd fan club, and I'm pretty sure Rivers is campaigning to become Vice President.  He is such an amazing man.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for giving me the blessing of even knowing him, and I am so grateful that he wanted to marry me.  I wouldn't be lost with out him, but I feel complete, whole, with him. 
He is so excited to watch our little man grow, when we decided to introduce Rivers to solids he told me I had to do it on a night when he was home, because he didn't want to miss it.  If Rivers had a fan club I think Scott would be the president, and I'd be the janitor, because I clean up after him all the time.
Alright lets see if these pictures will load..

Well here is Rivers preparing for his Rice Cereal adventure. Yes he is in a diaper and socks, and he is very excited to see what we have in store for him.
And that is the only picture it is letting my upload right now, stupid thing.
and maybe this video will work, it's cute he goes "yummhmmm" if it doesn't load ask me and I will show you, I'm a very proud mama

Today he peed on his face twice!  I was changing his bum, and while I was opening the clean diaper to put on him he just started going.  Peeing on his shirt, pants and church clothes I had set out for tomorrow, as well as the wall, his belly, and the changing table pad.  I strip him down and bring him into the bathroom to start his bath where he does it again on the bathroom rugs, then pee's twice while in the tub!!
I clean him up and change him into a new outfit, where later on he pee's on his face again, only this time I washed him with a washcloth instead of another bath. It was quite funny and I laughed the whole time.  Oh the joys of having little boys, I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm reporting that he peed on the trees or bushes outside.
He really is a funny little boy. 
He loves faces all the sudden, I've noticed him reaching for mine, and Scott's face as well as my mom's and I'm sure Scott's mom's face.  He also loves to look at you, turn away, then look at you again and laugh.  I think it's his simple way of playing "peek-a-boo" with himself.  He's so funny.

We are also trying to sleep train him. He was an amazing sleeper until I had to return to work.  Then waking him up to go pick up Scott has thrown a wrench into his routine.  We hoped he would learn to adjust with us, but no such luck.  Here is how we fixed it.  We bought a baby monitor and while I'm gone for 15 minutes I run it upstairs to the people who live there and they listen for him.  Yes I know maybe not the greatest parenting, but you try finding someone willing to sit at your house for 15 minutes, while you pick up your husband.  At 11 o'clock none the less.  I tried finding him rides, but no one was as reliable as the President of the Scott Shepherd fan club.  I'm happy to report that it's working, within days he started sleeping though the nights again, and I've gotten to know my neighbors better.  He still will only take a 45 minute nap, but you gotta start somewhere.
Well Fridays GH just loaded, I'll see you all later :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check up!

Rivers had his 4 month check up and shots today (Yikes!!)
He did great, as always.  I however, not so much...  I am terrified of needles.  It's worse when it's your own child getting the shots none-the-less.
But this isn't a post about me, it's about my healthy growing little boy.  Here are his stats, for the record.
Weight:  13.6 lbs (21 percentile)
Height:  26 inches (85 Percentile)
Head Circumference:  43.5 cm (81 Percentile)
Basically all this tells me is he's long and skinny with a huge head, which I knew by looking at him.  The doctor was impressed with how strong he was and how alert he was.  I'm a proud mama.
He did pretty well today, he only wanted to sleep on mommy, which is my favorite anyway.  He spit out most of his baby Tylenol and I think stained a bib, but oh well. 
So watching him get his shots is always so emotional for me, I have cried every time!  I know most of this is my own fear, but I hate that moment after when he looks up at me with a look that says "How could you let them do this to me!?!"  I always schedule his shot appointments when Scott can go with me, because my panic when the nurse pulls out those needles gets me every time.  I have to sit away looking down so I don't get dizzy and the second I hear him cry the tears well up in my own eyes. 
He got lots of loves and snuggles today, and went to bed with out any problems tonight, and I hope he sleeps well.  We are going to try rice cereal tomorrow, in hopes of improving his sleep and helping him gain a bit more weight.  I am also going to change my diet, again, to less sugar and more carbs in hopes of getting some meat on those scrawny bones of his.