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Monday, January 24, 2011

3 months old!!

3 months ago today my life was forever changed for the better when my amazing little boy was born. I can't believe how fast time is going by. Rivers is getting so big, and so smart every day. Scott and I just love him so much and can't imagine eternity without Rivers!!
Here are some photos of him at three months old.

Playing with toys wondering why mommy is taking yet another picture.
Very angry that he has to do tummy time, this is his look of pity for having to suffer through another session of tummy time.
Naps on the couch are the best! Well for Rivers, not mommy because I have to be so quite, and can't move or he knows, but I didn't want to risk moving him to his crib for fear of waking him.
The Stroller was in the car, and the car was with daddy, so we went for a walk today (in January!!) in our Moby wrap around Liberty Park. He loved it! He looked at the birds, and the fish and ducks in the duck pond, and he liked watching the big boys play basketball, and all the old people and homeless people loved him. He had a beanie on and was zipped up in my coat with a blanket around him. His hands got cold because he wouldn't keep them out of his mouth and they got covered in drool. I can't wait for spring when our walks can become more frequent.
Later tonight I'm going to eat some cake, so he can enjoy some cake as well for being alive for 3 whole months now!!
A few things about Rivers at 3 months:
He can roll from his stomach to back, but only if he's really angry.
He can wiggle himself in a full circle while lying on his back if there are no toys in the way.
His hands are his favorite toy.
He likes to be called handsome and look at himself in the mirror... He's a bit vain...
He takes the bottle well, and might actually prefer it, I think he's getting lazy.
He can almost roll from back to tummy, but knowing that he hates to be on his tummy he stops himself just in time.
Loves to have his clothes changed, and will ask me to do so by spitting up all over himself a number of times a day so I have to change his clothes... at least he's happy.
Has a HUGE head, still.
Is such a good eater, and currently going through a growth spurt!
Rivers is super long, he's in the 81st percentile for length, and only the 39th percentile for weight at about 12 lbs. Long and skinny.
Still sleeps through the night :)
He loves the Ladies.
and mostly is so amazing, I just adore my baby boy!!

Back to Work :(

I went back to work on January 18th, and I think Rivers was mad at me. He didn't say so, and he acted like nothing was wrong, but I still don't think he's too happy with me. I didn't want to go back to work, for a number of reasons, Rivers being at the top of that list. I never saw myself as a stay at home mom, but I never had kids before. It was rough on me, but I did enjoy talking to people not in my "Rivers voice", and it was like riding a bike, and I did miss my co-workers. A few day before I went back to work my superior was fired, and I am now in a postition to apply for her job with what I feel is a 50/50 chance of getting it. But I wonder if I really want it. It wouldn't be a full time postition, which I'm not working full time anyway, and I couldn't go back to serving. It would be a pay raise, but I would have to have more interaction with my boss, who is a nice guy and a great cook, but not the best "people person" and who I don't feel has the best managing skills. I'm going to apply, but I don't know if I want the job if it's offered. I also am aware that it has been offered to my co-worker Kathy, who I think would do a great job, but I'm not sure she wants the job either. If she wants it I'm fine keeping my postition as a lead server and manager. So for now I'm going to just hope that things work out for the best, and that if I get offered and take the job that my home won't fall apart, and that my baby will not miss me too much. I sure do miss him during the day :(

Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 Ladies who look nothing alike, and 1 cute baby boy

I'm a lucky girl for a number of reasons, I have an amazing loving husband, a super cute baby boy, a great family, and a decent job. One thing that I am most luck to have in a great grandmother. Ruth Gale was born on October 30,1916. She had 4 girls, one who died in 2001, 2 husbands, a butt load of grand kids, and a million great grand children. My "Grandma Great" is one of my very most favorite people. I have to say that I am her favorite great grand daughter, she tells me so. Nothing can stop this woman! She lived through the great depression, 2 world wars, the civil rights movement, the womens rights movement, the vietnam war, and so so much more. I have always had a special bond with her, I make her laugh and dress her up. When I was little we would have tea parties, and one of my most prized possecions is a tea set she made for me when I was a little girl. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life, and to have been blessed to spend so much time with her. She's getting old, and one thing I always wanted was to have a child so she could meet my kids. Today I was lucky enough to fulfil that dream. These are photos that I will certainly treasure forever, and I hope Rivers will too. :)
Rivers also has a great-great grandma Alta on Scott's side, Scott's dad's mom's mom. This is one lucky kid with the life expectency of biblical portions, he may just live forever... :)
This was a very special day for me...

A Late, Small Post about Christmas :)

I found a few pics on my camera from Christmas I wanted to post, I don't want to ever miss a thing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bath time!!

I do talk about breast feeding in this post, if any one is uncomfortable reading about my boobs, just ignore the end of this post and enjoy cute pictures of my son

So I could not justify spending the $35 for a baby bath tub, and Rivers has out grown the kitchen sink, so we bought him this super cute bath sponge for $6 and he has really enjoyed his baths since. Bath time is quite and experience for him, he loves being naked, but hates getting in the tub and getting out of the tub. Lowering him in he's scared to death. Once he's in he's happy and likes to splash, hates for me to clean him, loves the water being poured on him, tries to drink the water has a good old time. Taking him out he cries (I think because he's cold), and throws a fit when I try to put his pajamas on him. But for the most part he's happy, and as he get older I'm sure it will be a better experience for him.

Here we are on our turtle sponge lounging in the tub
wrapped up warm in our towel
starting our fit because we want to be back in the warm bathroom in the warm water.

Rivers is such a good baby, he loves to play and be held, and to sleep in his swing. He loves to eat and smile and is super ticklish! He now sleeps 10-12 hours a night, and when he goes to sleep I get to eat and I'm super bored without him. He makes the thought of me going back to work next week sound like torture, and I'm nervous about how he's going to be with the sitters.
On a side note I got a nasty infection called mastitis in my left breast, I know over share, but not many people read this and it's also my journal so I want to document it. Luckily I caught it early enough that it's not too bad, and I can still breast feed Rivers. I was having terrible pain after I would pump in the morning, it had lasted for a few days and I noticed a white spot on my nipple. I looked on line and read some books, and tried the tips they recommended, but the pain got worse. I called my OB and she wanted me to come in. I was given and breast exam, and there was a small lump found. My doctor was fairly curtain it was a badly clogged milk duct, and that I had the early stages of Mastitis. I was given a very strong antibiotic that I have to take every 6 hours on an empty stomach, meaning I can't eat 2 hours before, and an hour after I take it. If it doesn't clear up within a week I have to go back for tests and x-rays to make sure it isn't more serious (cancer). Talk about coming face to face with my own mortality. Now my doctor is pretty sure that it's nothing to worry about, and made me feel comfortable and calm.
I'm 27 and was just told there is a 1% chance I have cancer. My baby is 11 weeks old and I have a 1% chance of having cancer. I'm not worried, because all the pain seems to be breast feeding related, and it's a 1% chance, Rivers is fine so it's not hurting him, but I got this overwhelming fear of not getting to see my baby grow up.
But this whole mess really put things into perspective for me. I'm grateful for the gospel, and my loving husband and my amazing baby, and my supporting family. Those things are what is important, and I'm blessed that I can have those things for eternity.
So aside from taking pills, sleeping with the heating pad, and being hungry, life is continuing as normal. Only now I spend more time enjoying my baby, and hopefully building a strong bond with him. I am very blessed, and I think sometimes things like this, small as it is, help us to put the important things first.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have a ton of house work to do today as I prepare to return to work on the 18th, and as I put my sweet little boy in his swing so I could get things done, he whined and sucked on his hands until he fell asleep. While I folded the laundry, I looked over at him and was amazed at how big he is getting. 11 weeks ago he was still inside of me trying to get out. 11 weeks ago he was still this stranger I was longing to meet. Now he's here, growing and changing. I can remember the first time I put him in his swing in an effort to calm his cries and my tired arms, he was so little. Now he self soothes part of the time, and recognizes my voice. I feel like, even now, time is slipping away. I count the hours until it's his bed time when I should be relishing this time I have with him. He is the best thing I have ever done, and I will never get this time in his life back. I love my son so much.
Now as he sleeps I will pick up his toys, straighten his room, get things ready for bath time, and church tomorrow, and dinner with grandma and grandpa Hulse. And when he wakes up and only wants for me to hold him I will not think of it as a pain, but as a joy, because too soon he will be off to play with his friends and be too cool to spend with his mommy. I love my beautiful boy...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year... and Merry Christmas...

So I have finally figured out how to upload the pictures from my phone onto my computer. It wasn't hard at all, I'm just challenged...

Rivers amazing eyelashes!!

The best way to take naps!


watching football with daddy (one of my all time favorite pictures)

"Mommy, I'm hungry!!"

Enjoying his new toy from Santa

Christmas Eve.

I made this Nativity set when I was 12, and have used it since. It has no Shepherds, but that's okay there are 3 that live in our house (hehe)

We had quite an eventful Holiday season. Poor Scott had to work for most of it, so me and Rivers made the most of our time without him. We watched old Christmas movies while we wrapped gifts, and we bakes cookies, and eat them all before giving them to the neighbors...
A baby without Colic is amazing! He still gets fussy from time to time, but he is almost like a new child. I have enjoyed the holidays so much more this year because of him, and not having to work, I picked a great time to have a baby and be on maternity leave :)
Rivers is such an amazing little man!! I really just adore my wonderful little baby. I'm having a hard time knowing that in 2 weeks I will have to leave him to go to work. I have made it my goal this year to find a way to stay home with him. He really is worth going without all the things I typically enjoy, like cable TV, and nice shampoo. I never saw myself really as a stay at home mom, but I don't know how women balance home and jobs.
This year, for Christmas, we were able to see pretty much ALL of our families, something we haven't been able to in previous years. It was busy, and completely over stimulated Rivers, but it was such a blessing, and this is his first Christmas, we don't get to have another first Christmas with him.
After Christmas he got his first round of shots. I was a complete wreck!! it was so sad seeing him get poked and cry in pain! We bought him his bumbo chair to cheer him up, and it worked, until he got a fever and was sad and had to sleep on mommy for two days gripping tightly to my shirt to ensure he wasn't' going to be put down. I felt so bad for the little guy :(
New Years eve was quite for me this year. Scott was finishing up the busy season at work, and I'm still uncomfortable taking him out in the cold, so Rivers and I stayed in and ordered pizza and watched old musicals. Scott got home just before midnight and we watched 2010 end together, this being our 4th New Years Eve together. I feel so special being with Scott for so long now. Everyday I love him more and more. It's overwhelming to think of how many more wonderful New Year's eve's I get to spend with him. He truly is my best friend and partner in crime (hehe).
On New Years day we had family photos with Scott extended side of the family. It was chaos to say the least, and of course Rivers got hungry right before the photo was to be taken. I'm not surprised since he ate at 11:30, and it's an hour drive to where the photo was to be taken, and then it took half an hour to organize everyone and it was during nap time. The poor kid was starving and overwhelmed!! After visiting with the family and driving back, it was later than I planned and Rivers was quite sleepy, and slept very well that night.
At 10 weeks Rivers:
sleeps 8 hours a night, wakes up to eat, and sleeps another 3 hours.
is learning to laugh.
hates tummy time.
is re-growing his hair.
smiles a lot.
has at least one "major blowout" a day.
has amazing timing with his "coo's" and "ahh's".
enjoys being propped in sitting positions.
still loves his changing table.
is learning to play with toys.
Makes mommy and daddy's day brighter every minute :)