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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I'm a few days late on this Mother's Day post, but oh well.  Scott gave me a great day, I was however battling a cold and the boys ganged up on me and woke up a ton that night between Saturday to Sunday.  All the same it was still pretty great.  I slept in, which for me is until 8:00 AM, had some crepes, and checked out me gift.  Which was a new car, well a new used car.

I also got a new candle, which is awesome.  Back to the car.  2011 Altima. it has a handy smart key, super dark windows, and is super nice.  
We have been in the market for a new car for a while.  Oliver's new convertible car seat is huge, and in our now older car the passenger seat had to be pushed up all the way just to make it fit.  We looked into an SUV, but this car actually had the most space.  We still want to get a bigger car in the distant future but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  I have so many requirements for vehicles now.  
Back to Mother's Day.  Rivers sang again in sacrament meeting.  He did so great!  He is such a little performer!  The primary sang two songs and between songs I looked over at Scott and Rivers called out "Mommy I'm up here!"  It was hilarious.  Ollie fell asleep nursing during Sunday school and I got to do my favorite thing, hold my sleeping baby and rest with him and snuggle.  We left early to head over to the Shepherds to make dinner for Meg.  I was also battling a cold, I think I might be allergic to rain or something because this happened a few weeks ago during a few days of rain, hence to allergic idea.  Maybe it's mold or something.  
Anyway, I feel so blessed to be these boys mom.  I was talking to Scott the other day, reminiscing abut when I brought little Oliver home from the hospital.  With Rivers I was scared and nervous, everything was new and I was unsure.  With Oliver I was amazed they let me take him home!  I was so overjoyed just being with him!  He was mine.  Rivers is so sweet, and happy, and smart, and funny, and handsome.  He has the best laugh, loves to snuggle (now, wasn't always the case) and is the best big brother.  He often comes up to Oliver, gives him a hug and states "I love this guy!" How adorable is that! He loves to make Oliver laugh, and is fairly helpful.  Rivers will also make statements like "I'm so proud of you" and "Can I ask you a few questions?"  He wants to help with everything. Oliver is also pretty great.  He is always so excited to see me in the mornings.  He loves to snuggle, seriously loves to snuggle.  Oliver loves to sleep in my arms, lay in my bed with Scott and I, sit on my lap, be held in my arms.  He loves to clap his hands and sign 'more'.  He loves to eat whatever we are eating.  Such a change from Rivers.  I still can't believe he's mine, that I get to keep him.  Both boys.  I love being a mom, I feel so blessed to have them both.    


Grandma Hulse said...

You are such good parents, Too bad other little ones can't always be assured of such awesome parents. We ;ove you guys!

Grandma Hulse said...

We love your posts.