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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oliver's Birthday Bonanza. Part One

Rather than have one big party for Oliver's first birthday I decided to stretch it out over a week.  It was awesome and I'll probably always do it that way, for both boys.  

Part one was on July 13, the Sunday before his birthday, at my parents house
We invited my brothers, grandparents and parents.  It was great to get everyone together and to celebrate my amazing little man.

We had spent the weekend up and Scott's parents cabin, and left early so we could get all the part stuff done, including OLIVER cupcakes, balloons, food, and decorations.  Everything turned out so cute and I loved it!  

The party theme was "One-derful" see what I did there, turning one, I'm awesome.

The second "R" got swiped before the photo, I think calling him Oliver Olive is cool though, like a rapper name or something

Ollie Loved his cupcake, but really loved the ice cream.  After he smashed the cake he started licking up the ice cream off the spoon.  
All he wanted to do was crawl into the toy room and play with the toys, and showed no interest in opening gifts.

I loved all the love and hugs my little Ollie got from my parents and grandparents, it's so nice to feel your child is loved.  

I also love a reason to throw a party.  I had a blast making decorations, ordering balloons and cupcakes, and putting it all together.  

I want my kids to know that their birth is a big deal to me, and I'm glad they were born.  

My heart needed Oliver so much, as I've reflected upon his birth I can't believe how calm and wonderful it was.  Oliver was such an easy newborn and I've loved watching what a great big brother Rivers has become.

Speaking of Rivers, he was so great during all the attention Oliver was getting.  I tried to talk to him beforehand to make sure he knew that he was just as special and that his birthday was coming up.  He has wanted to play with all of Oliver's toys, but he's been really good at sharing and he has been so kind about everything.  I wish Rivers was my big brother.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3!!

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