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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So we are lucky enough to have a bit of earth to plant a garden in. This year we have beets, carrots, onions, and peas.  Scott is a really good gardener and takes such good care of the garden.  Dont' worry Rivers helped.

After the garden was all planted, we needed to water it, and this is where the fun really happened.  We decided to let bubs play in the sprinklers!  He loved it!!  He mostly wanted to drink the water (it's tap water so it's safe I checked before) and my sweet little guy threw a fit after when I made him come inside and go to bed.  But the photos are priceless!

His whole front side is soaked!

We're excited for Spring and I'll get some Easter photos up as soon as I upload them :)

Saint Patricks Day!

So, my family is Irish, well part Irish, but that's enough to cause a celebration!  We had a packed St. Patricks day this year.
Rivers awesome hat.
Rivers dancing to Irish music at the Irish festival in Salt Lake.
Corn beef for EVERY meal
Spending the day with my dad
Lots of dogs at the st. Patrick's day parade (we love parades, Rivers loves dogs)
Seeing MY WHOLE FAMILY that's a tough one to do, ever.
Showing off my dislike for cabbage and Irish soda bread (they're just so yucky)

Cutest little leprechaun ever!!

Surprisingly he left the hat on for most of the day

Corn beef dinner.  Yum!
I made our traditional Corn Beef dinner with pistachio pudding for dessert, it was yummy and Scott loves left overs. 
What a great day to be Irish!

Pi day!

So my company banquet was on Pi Day (3/14) so I didn't  make pot pies like I planned, but I did make an amazing 'Smores pie that was awesome!  I found the recipe on Pinterest. What would I do with out Pinterest?

So much yummy chocolate marshmallow goodness. I'm ready to go camping now.

The Zoo!

A few weeks ago during Scott's spring break I took a day off and we decided to take Rivers to the Zoo.
He loved it!!
Ok in all fairness he has always enjoyed the Zoo and loves animals.
I didn't get as many photos as I would like, but the ones I got were pretty good. 
He's getting really good at repeating what you say, like "zoo" and "bird"
I understand him even though it still sounds a bit primative.
 Looking for the Sloth, but only pointing out all the birds, he loves birds.
 The turtle was walking and he thought that was just the coolest thing!

It was a fun day and a bit breezy, but He loved running around
and showing off for the other kids.
I see more trips to the Zoo in our future.