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Monday, May 24, 2010

June 9th!!!

My little Nugget gets a gender and a name on June 9th!! Viewing the polls today I see we are split even with 5 for girl and 5 for boy. Both Scott and I have had dreams about a boy, although I have also had dreams about twins and taking the baby out and holding it, so really what do dreams mean. To prepare for for the up coming excitement of finally knowing what to shop for we are taking a trip to Moab this week, a nice break from work and cold weather, and a chance for the yet identified nugget to spend so time out doors.
The polls will close June 8th, get you votes in now!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's day!!

So I realize my last post was a bit of a downer, but that's why I like to blog, not to make people feel bad for me or get praise, but because every so often a woman needs an outlet, and this is mine. I feel so blessed in my life that I can feel these emotions, and have these experiences no matter how hard they are, because I really do think that I wouldn't appreciate the joys I get in life as much.
As Mother's day approaches I have so much more love for my mom and mother-in-law than I have ever before, and I believe it is because I am now understanding what it means to be a mother for the first time in my life.
As much as I struggle with carrying this baby, I find a certain joy and wonderment at what it's life will hold in store. I'm starting to feel it move, and I don't think there are any words to describe that feeling when I first realized that I was feeling another person, not myself, for the first time. I am a giver of life, and everything I do and eat has an effect on someone else and their well being.
My child is incredible.
I like to go online and learn things about my baby at this stage of it's development, it's changes every day. It has eye browns and eye lashes, ears, it's sensitive to light and dark, it can now suck it's thumb and move it's hands and legs. My diet has changes dramatically. After studying about the process in which most of our food, especially meats, go through I find it hard to put those things in my body. It has been fun, I'm experimenting with organic recipes and vegan dishes (no judgements, I know God gave us cows to eat, but the stuff they give the cows can not be good for us or created by God.) I want my baby to have the best everything, and that includes foods and nutrients.
I am so blessed to live in a time with options that allow me to figure out what's best for me and my family. Also eating this way has improved my mood, and helped me to figure out what the baby does and doesn't like, and kept me from being a food zombie who just sticks food in my mouth with no disregard for what's in it.
I still throw up yes, I'm still achy and sore yes, but my mood is better, and I have so much more energy. My boss thinks it's because I've moved into my second trimester, and that might be part of it, but I think what I'm eating has helped so so much.
I am thankful for the Mother's in my life that help me and teach me, who love me and support me. I love my mom and Mother-in-law so much that I don't think I would be able to love anyone without them in my life. I only hope that I'm as good of a mom as they are.
I get to go to the doctors on Monday, and I'm so excited because my mom gets to come, and also my parents are going to Mexico and we get to stay at their house while they are gone, which will be nice to have some privacy, room to spread out, and I think Kyle will enjoy not having me bug him everyday :). After that, I get to go to my Disneyland, MOAB!!! Moab is seriously my favorite place in the world, and Scott has never been there. I'm so excited to show him the hikes and the views and the great trails and restaurants and entertainment. It's going to be so much fun and Scott needs a vacation so bad, and I want to go hiking before I'm too big and uncomfortable to enjoy it. This came at just the right time!! Vacations are such a blessing.
Well this post is much longer than I thought it would be, so I will sign out now, have a Happy Mother's Day everyone :)