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Monday, March 23, 2009

It's not about what's waiting on the other side... it's the climb

So... My life... Crazy!!! Let's just talk about a few things. We've been staying in Bountiful for this last week because my parents have been in Mexico. Now it was nice to stay there, they let us borrow their car, and it was nice to have a washer and dryer, and more space, but I missed my little apartment so, so much. I missed Salt Lake too. I love this city. We did have a lot of fun, we got to go to my Irish family's annual St. Patricks day party, which is always my favorite party of the year. We ate food, and showed off our musical talents. It was a lot of fun.
This week is my birthday and I'm so excited. So me and my best friend Shae, we have this deal. I got married on her Bithday, October 16 and the deal is that she has to get married on my birthday, and then we have to have our kids together so we can be preggers at the same time and throw each other showers. Dorks I know, but that's just what we do. Well she has one year now to meet and marry someone. She is super funny, and cute, a bit of a workaholic but if anyone knows of someone I can set her up with well, I think it's time. I want to have kids within the next 3 years.
Alright kids I'll let you know how wonderful my birthday is, I'm way excited, I have a few things planned and I know that Scott does too. I love being married.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, I have fixed it and I am pleased now. Enjoy my blog.

All eyes on me in the Center of the Ring Just Like a Circus

I am so frusterated with my blog. I finally was able to get a cute background up and now I can't get it to go away, and in my attempts I have now created something really bad and it won't delete. So, enjoy my messy crappy looking blog and I will continue to make attempts to clean it up.

So our lives have been like a circus this last month. I offically hate the month of Febuary. Not only is it really short which sucks for bills and payments. It has the worst weather of the year, and the worst holiday for people in the resturarant business, and I have always had the worst luck during this month.

The month started out slow enough, my hours at work got cut back because, well one the economy is bad and people don't want to eat out anymore, and two this is just the slow time of the year.

Valentines day is only on a Friday or a Saturday once every 7 years, this year being one of them. Usually, when this holiday is in the middle of the week we tend to be busy the week before and the weekend after, but with this year having Valentines day fall on a weekend we ended up being on a 2 hour wait. I love my job but it's things like this that make me regret my decision to be a waitress. I know, I know, this job isn't like being a doctor or anything, but in these tough times I'm sitting pretty in my job. I manage, serve and train, and as of lately we have had so many people applying, that we've had to pull any job postings.

Looking back now I think the real reason we were so busy that night was becasue of the economy. Everyone is so sad lately that going out to celebrate for a holiday created by the card and candy companies that this Valentines day was a chance for people to look forward to something.

We don't take reservations for parties of 7 or less, so on this holiday it's all first come first serve, and everyone wants to sit by the window, and people like to move our tables all over the place to get the best view. I don't understand this, the temple will still be there when you are done eating and the Lord appericiates it more when you go into the temple, not just stare at it. So my first Valentines day as a married women was spent explaining to people that having the table that way is against fire code, and the flowers on the table are not for you to take (we were selling flowers for $5), and that we were out of our special. Well after my and Scott's weekend from Hell, things seem to get little worse. My grandmother is dying.

Now she's my great-grandma, and she's 92, but this is the woman that I admire the most. She's so funny and honest. I've had more fun with this woman than anyone in my life, and to hear that she's only got about a month or so left, I lost it. She has bleeding of the brain and her short term memory is all but gone. She falls a lot, and gets lost. I can't think of her not being there when I have babies, and go on with my life. I'm sad, but I was about to learn this wasn't going to be the last life shattering news I was going to get.

My mom had a stroke, in fact many mini strokes. She thought a first it was something less serious, but after doctors tests and ex-rays, they found spots on her brain and the numbness in her left side, it was a stroke. My mom is young. I'm young. I'm still at a loss.

And now, the last week of the worst month ever, my Jeep breaks. Thw onle thing that I love other than Scott decides it doesn't love me back. So now I have to pay March's bills and take the bus to work to get the money to pay those bills. I'm blessed that I live close enough to 2 different bus stops and the trax line that we're fine, but it sucks all the same. Currently our plan is to take out another loan and buy a second car, and then save up to get the Jeep fixed, which will be around $1000.

Well it is now March, and my Birthday is at the end of the month, and after things fall down you pick up the pieces and fix what you can and replace what you need to. And with any luck you won't get cut by any jagged pieces.