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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

catch up

hello blog followers, how have you been?  I have been well.
Here is what you've missed.
Christmas was AWESOME!  Super spoiled and spoiled some well deserving boys.  I myself had an amazing Christmas.
New Year was pretty fun, it included being cold, Clue, and Scott trying to light things on fire.
January I went through my seasonal depression which is why I haven't blogged for so long... Happened every year, I cry.  I feel sad.  I hate everything and think everyone hates me.  It passes, the world goes on, I stand in the sun like Superman to re-charge.  Life is good again
2 pregnancy scares, not pregnant, not trying, just out of whack body :)
Started watching Sweet Jenna!
Jenna and Rivers in their Valentines get ups!
 Rivers isn't looking for anything long term.  He's keeping his options open :)
They were supposed to decorate these, but chose to eat them instead.  They were from Sweet Tooth Fairy so I can't blame them :)

Valentines day was awesome!!  I felt so loved.  I got home from a crazy night at work and look at all the treats I got!!!  I had no idea I had any friends :)
Rivers and I watched a sweetie named Jenna for a bit, she was so fun to have over and got Rivers to eat healthy foods, she is more than welcome any time!
Young Women's has been awesome, by far my favorite calling yet!
March has been a blast!  I got been "birthday saving" so I can go out to eat.  Last month I was having a bad day so I went online and filled out birthday stuff from various restaurants.  I'm going to be fat by the end of the month... good thing I'm working out.
End of February Rivers and I got really sick :(
Lots of snuggles and naps...
to top that off, last Monday Scott and I both got food poisoning, not fun guys!
Nothing is more sad than hearing your husband be sickie.
Luckily Rivers is really picky and won't eat anything so he avoided the whole mess, lucky guy.
Today we are going to the Zoo
Saturday we have much St. Patrick's day stuff to do including a parade, the Irish festival, and my family party!! plus I'm cooking corn beef and potatoes (because cabbage is yucky), and making a green dessert.  Not sure what yet, but pinterest will help me.
So.  Do you feel informed?