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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rivers Blessing

Family photo, after the blessing

3 generations of Shepherd men, also a preview of what Rivers will look like when he gets older :)

Handsome man with mommy before church :) isn't his little suit so cute!

Both my handsome men together

At 6 weeks old, on December 5th, Scott blessed our sweet little boy. It was such a wonderful day and we are so grateful for everyone who attended. I recorded the blessing, and when I get more time I will write it down and save it so he can read it himself when he is older. I hope my little man will learn and cherish what a wonderful priesthood line he comes from. This is one blessed kid!
A few things about Rivers at 6 weeks:
He sleeps 6 hours straight at night, Mommy loves this.
He loves, and I mean LOVES his changing table, we have no idea why...
He has discovered how tasty his hands are
He is getting over his colic!!! This pleases mommy more than words can say.
He has out grown some of his newborn clothes, this makes mommy sad, he's not my little baby any more.
He loves his swing, which is so nice for mommy.
He hates taking naps during the day.
He eats so so much!
He still hates his car seat.
He hates his binky, and makes a disgusted face while sucking on it. I like to think that his thought process is "I don't like you binky, but I'll suck on you anyway"
He's laughing and smiling more.
He loves his mommy
Mommy loves him!


His shirt says "I'm stuffed!"

On his changing table, his favorite place in the world!
I'm having so issues with uploading photos, so this is just how all my posts are going to look for a while. And I don't have much time because I think I hear my little man starting to stir.
We had a huge family Thanksgiving this year with Scott's side of the family. Over 40 people and 4 babies in attendance. Rivers was a grump, and spent most of Thanksgiving crying. It was hard for mommy, but I know that it won't be this way forever. We are blessed that even though little man was a grump, lots of people still love him and everyone wanted to hold him. He is just getting too big!