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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

So this is going to be a very similar post to last year, because it is yet again my birthday!!! I had a great birthday this year, even though I wasn't as excited about it as I have been in years past, not because I don't like aging, but because I have little desire to leave my bed or bathroom right now, it makes getting excited and planning things a bit difficult. I only managed to take a few pictures, which I mad at, but these are the best pictures if I was going to take any that day.
This picture would not rotate and I was getting so mad at it!! S0 everyone just tilt you heads a bit, and you will see my wonderful hubby Scott. He got up early to wrap my gifts and to make me so breakfast (German Pancakes Yummm). Scott hates to shop for me, because he claims I'm too hard to shop for, which is true, but I always love what he gets me, so he really has no reason to worry
So this is a "Domo" a fun little toy from Asia, and you can collect all 15, out of everything I got this was Scott's favorite gift to give, he will be in every picture, and now lives in my car :)

Here is Domo eating my new book from my favorite author, Scott knows me so well, and I finished my previous book the day before so a new book was a great idea

New book and Domo

I also got some pretty earrings and a new jewelry box. We joked that this will only hold a small amount of jewelery compared to what I own, but it'll be so pretty on my night stand or dresser :)
I am really a spoiled girl, and I really am just fine with that.
My birthday was pretty low key, after breakfast we went to lunch with my Grandparents, and that is always fun, I wish I would have taken a picture with them. Then I got to come home and take a nap, then we watched the Syracuse NCAA game, until it was apparent they weren't going to win even though that was all I wanted for my birthday. After that we we went to Tucano's where I got my free birthday meal, and dessert, they make you stand on the chairs while they sing to you, it was so fun, and I love Tucano's!!! After that we strolled around the mall and did some lite shopping before heading home where I went to bed early. I know boring right, but it felt so nice to just have a relaxing day to sleep and eat.
I got a few other gifts for other people. My parents and Grandma gave me a great set of new pots and pans, which are wayyy nice, my best friend got engaged, and my manager gave me some earrings, and my in laws gave me a movie and some candy (I got a BIG Christmas gift, so a small gift was just right :)). All in all it was a great birthday, and I feel very loved and lucky, and thanks again for all the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All apologizes

So... Turns out with that last post I was waaayyyyyy off, and I would like to take this time to retract a comment that was made. So... It turns out I AM Pregnant!!!! Only as of February 8th I was unaware even though I had all the signs. Now I'm not super far along, only about 8 weeks, but I was able to get into see my doctor this early, which was a relief to me since they informed me that doctors like to wait until you're 12 weeks, but with mine and my family medical history they wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. It was really neat, and we got to see the heart beat!!!! Next visit we will be able to hear the heart beat :) The baby is due October 25, which is 7 months from my birthday so I'm totally stoked about that! The baby is 6.5cm and I can already tell is super cute and smart :)

Here is out little Nugget!! So I'm not sure how to really make this work, so this is a picture of a picture, I know you computer geeks out there would totally be able to make this much better, but I'm just not one of you, although I do envy you and want to be one, maybe, someday...

Being Pregnant is not all it's cracked up to be. So I started out fine, just a bit more tired than usual, in wondering awe at all the insane changes to my body, then I started my 7th week, where I threw up everything I ate, or even thought about eating. All food tastes like blood and/or vomit. Now I have been trying to be sensitive to those ladies out there who can have babies, and would love to feel this way, but at the end of the day, at this stage anyway, the bads often out weigh the goods. I pee all the time, I'm dizzy (worried about that, doc says it's all good), I cry over everything which I hate, I'm forgetful, and moody... it's like an amped up PMS really, only with all day sickness and actually getting fat rather than just looking bloated for a few days. My boobs are huge, I'm bordering on porn star here. My face broke out, tooth paste makes me hurl, I can't stand tight clothes, or shoes, and those who have known I was pregnant before now always want details. I'm not talking about my visit to the OB/GYN with anyone but my mom and my husband thank you very much!! But I'm still trying to be sensitive to those still trying, so this will be my only rant on the trials of pregnancy, it just feels good to get it out of my system. Anyone who is offended please wait to tell me until after the baby is here about, oh, a year or so since I can't control to water works I'll be sobbing too much to apologize.

Here I am at 6 weeks, and my wonderful, loving husband, who only wanted to play piano and not take a decent picture of his wife, played photog here, hence why I look like I'm lined up to be shot. This was the best picture he took. Good thing I've got many more week for him to practice. But like I said I only look slightly bloated. All my clothes fit, and I've found some cool things like bra extenders, and belly bands which are to help keep me in my "normal" clothes longer so I don't have to buy maternity clothes as early.
I am super excited to be a mommy, and I know that Scotty is going to be the best daddy ever.
He has been so excited since he found out, and has worked hard to make me feel better and comfortable. On the plus side when I saw my doctor she gave me a prescription for some drugs to help with the throw ups, which has been a huge life saver and helped me work. I am exploring all my options in the labor/delivery process. I'm a hippie by nature, I want whats best for me, and my baby, not what everyone else thinks will be best. I will read books, only from those with a non-bias point of view if you feel so inclined to add your two cents :) and I don't mind doing laundry, so cloth diapers (for at home not for when others have to deal with it) are also on the table (look into it saves money and no diaper rash!!).
I can't believe how much my life is changing, the same day I saw my baby for the first time I also went to help my best friend look for wedding dresses. I still feel half the time like I'm still in high school trying to fit in, and somehow I have a whole grown up life going on. I am excited for these changes in my life. It all just makes me feel old.
Well I have to pee, so I'm going to end here :)