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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yeah Thanksmas pics didn't load, so here's the 2nd try

Jingle Bells

Well we're grearing up for the holidays, and I really struggle around this time. Christmas has always seemed too comercial, and over done, and ususally end in a fight or disappointment. But this year being my first as "Mrs. Shepherd" (which became offical last week) I decided to try to get into the spirit of things. I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of red and green things, like garland and placemats, and bells, and bows. Our home looks really festive, only we don't have tree. Scott and I have very different opinions about trees. I'm against them, he's for them. Now I understand it's all tradition and I think that'll mean more when we have kids, but trees are messy and you just toss them later, creating such a lose for our enviroment. So... here is our compromise. We've planned to buy a cut little pinetree, and after Christmas we're going to plant in my partents front yard and hope it grows, and then tell our kids how that was mommy and daddy's very first christmas tree as husband and wife. Sappy I know. But this way I feel like I'm pleasing both of us.

Another hoilday tradition is a thing called Thanksmas. Last year, me, Scott and a few friends started this holiday. It involves a pig, men without shirts, a pole, and Apples to Apples. It was a great party this year, and we couldn't get Tim to take off his shirt. But Tim is going into the navy early next year and I'm throwing him a farewell party next week. If everything goes as planned that boys will have his shirt off by 8:00 :).

Another sad event was the passing of my long time friends Kiera's father. He was a great man and I was really upset when he I heard that he died. I take comfort in the plan of Salvation and know that the George family will be together again. I know that Kiera knows this too, she has so much strength and is such a wonderful person and is really an example to me. I got really sad thinking about the lose of a parent, her father wasn't much older than mine, and was in good health. I have their family in my prayers.

Well I'm done, but to give you a tastey treat her are a few pics from our annual Thanksmas party... Enjoy!