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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

While I begin to type this I can hear Oliver yelling from the other room, reminding me that he is there, awake, and that for him nap time is over.
While I set this aside to rescue him I thought I would post about Easter.
Easter is one of my favorite holidays, well I guess that all holidays are pretty much my favorite, since there isn't a ton.  I mean if you look at it there are only a few good ones through out the calendar year.  Easter has the best candy, and it's an excuse for me to dress my children up in pretty clothing.
I like clothing, maybe I'll add that to my header.
Anyway, we had our traditional Easter.  Baskets Easter morning, egg hunt with the Bradbury's, church activity in the evening.  Okay, so we don't have church activity every Easter, we did this year.  Sunday is church in our new clothes, thoughts of our Resurrected Savior, dinner and fun with family. I'm so blessed with wonderful in-laws.  Here are some Easter Photos.  I didn't take as many as I thought, but the ones I get are good for memory sake.
 Some grumpy bunnies
 Obligatory Easter suit photo
 Checking out his goodies
 Respectful observance 
  These boys are just too cute!!

I am so in love with these seersucker suits I found for them online at Target.  they were on a good deal, and free shipping!  I was asked if I made them, I didn't, but thought about saying I did.  They got so many compliments and looked so adorable!  We had a good Easter and Oliver get me a gift of sleeping through the night, twice! (Knock on wood)