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Saturday, June 22, 2013

This Pregnancy

Has been terrible.

Now I know that there are plenty of women who have it worse, and I should just continue keeping my mouth shut, but we all know I can't.

Scott and I decided to try for a second child about 6 months before I became pregnant.  Those were dark months for me.  Every month I wasn't pregnant I was sad and angry.  The logical side of me understood that getting pregnant quickly doesn't happen often, even though it did with Rivers.  I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks after getting called to be the Young Women's President.  Scott and I just laughed and considered it a blessing to finally be pregnant after getting called into such an overwhelming calling.  

About a week later the morning sickness started.

I was sick through Thanksgiving, Scott's birthday, Christmas, New Years, Valentines day, and St. Patrick's day.  Around 17 weeks I wasn't getting sick as much, and by 20 weeks I was finally past the sickness phase.  Those were celebrated days, with walks and zoo visits and fun.  

At 23 weeks I got kidney stones, not just once, but at least 3 times.  I spent the month of April in misery and discomfort while being drugged up and Scott was preparing and taking finals.  I spent hours crying and praying for comfort. Finally, they passed and my doctors and I had decided to overhaul my lifestyle to figure out why I was having the problems I was having.  

Through out all of this the baby has been fine.  I was pre-diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  No sugary drinks, low fiber high protein diet, no dairy, no eggs, no "trigger" foods that may hurt my tummy.  This is often easier to talk about than do.  After all this my OB did some blood work and found out I was anemic.  

I have had to take a ton of pills and vitamins.  

I finally feel better, and I've been able to be the mom and wife and YW's president I wanted to be.  

While at the doctors last week my doctor felt around and is pretty sure the baby is breech.  I have to get him to turn!!  On July 1 I'll have an Ultrasound and we will get a better picture of the baby.  If he hasn't turned by 38 weeks I will likely have to have a c-section.  Not thrilled.  I have felt so discouraged.  I feel like it is just one thing after another with this pregnancy.  I have had just set back after set back.  

I have wanted this baby for so long, and I feel like this was the absolute worse time to get pregnant.  I feel bad for all the hardship I've put my husband and son through.  

Prayers are welcomed at this time as it never hurts to have more prayers on my side.  

I also welcome any tips for turning him.  

I'm ready for this all to be over....