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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I want candy!

I love candy! I mean I really love candy, more than anything else in the world next to Scott, who doesn't get put in the same category as candy. I hide candy so I can find it later, and I get very possessive of my candy, I don't want to share! There are days where candy is all I can think about. Since becoming pregnant I've tried really hard to stay away from candy because I don't think it's good for the baby. I don't think it's good for me either, but I am trying to be a good mommy.
Yesterday was one of those days that I NEEDED candy.
I got Kidney stones, which is the worse thing I've ever been through in my whole life!!
I tried very hard to be brave and not cry or complain, but I didn't know what was going on, and given my family history of delivering early I was certain I was in preterm labor. We went to the ER at about 12:45 Monday morning and didn't get home until 9:00. I felt so bad for Scott because no one would work for him and the poor guy had to go into work after having no sleep. This is why Scott can't be categorized with candy, which would have just made me go through this whole mess alone.
I slept all day Monday, and Tuesday went to work, how else am I going to pay off that trip to the ER? After work I went to a Urologist, who basically told me that I just have to wait this out until after the baby comes, and gave me a prescription for an x-ray after the baby comes. He was a nice guy, but a total waste of time in my opinion.
While driving home, having not taken any pain meds for over 8 hours so I could drive home, I got sad, and started feeling sorry for myself. What kind of mommy lets herself get sick like this? How am I going to take care of this little guy when every month something else seems to be wrong with me? Maybe our decision to have a baby was a mistake. But I don't believe that. This is when I turn to my one sweet friend who never lets me down, but does rot my teeth, candy. I stopped and spent $8 on candy, $8 I could have saved for the ER bill, or baby stuff. Having that guilt again I sat in bed all night still not taking any pain pills so I could pick up my husband from the train, eating candy and reading, praying that I could pass this stone.
That night as I snuggled with my hubby, doped up on Percaset, I started to feel some relief, and by morning I think I moved the stone to my bladder. I'm still sore, and guilty of eating candy, and mad at myself for giving in, but I know that the Lord has heard my cries, and is letting this thing pass sooner rather than later.
I know my love affair with candy isn't good for me, but it has yet again gotten me through rough patch.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Over it!

I'm kinda over this whole pregnancy thing, I just want the baby here already. We have nothing for the little guy, but I am just not enjoying being pregnant. I'm glad I'm not an elephant.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Independence Day!!

So Fourth of July weekend just isn't the place for cameras! We had a super busy weekend, and I only managed to take 2 pictures.
Our weekend started on the 3rd with the annual Shepherd family party. Every other year the family rents out a pool, and the other years they rent a bounce slide in which family members try to kill themselves and each other on. This year they tired to go safer by adding a jump guard at the top, so the only way to fix this was clearly with Pam cooking spray. My wonderful husband got the idea to spray down one side of a pool float toy and slide down the hosed off slide. Surprisingly no one was injured.

We came home sleepy and sun burnt, but it was all worth it!
On the Fourth itself we had a quite day, we went to church, had a BBQ with my folks and nephew, and did some illegal fireworks. My parents go to Mexico every year in March and buy some, No one died don't worry.
On the 5th we were blessed to have it off work, so we spent it at the mall like any good America should! Scott broke his flip flops playing Volley ball at the family party and we needed to spend a good 3 hours shopping for new ones. After some success, we went and registered for baby gear at Babies R Us. That night we did some more fireworks with Scott's family and ate some more BBQ!
It was a great weekend and I was sad to see it end, but the best part of Utah is we get to do it all over again for Pioneer day, which also includes sleeping over night for a parade on the streets of Salt Lake City! Baby will love this!!

Shaelynn and Ali's Wedding

So, watching your best friend fall in love is a fun thing. Over the past year I got the opportunity to watch just that thing happen. Ali is a great guy, and I have been joking about them getting married for a while now, and it was so great to see it happen. Shaelynn hasn't always had the best taste in guys, but I think she would choose guys she knew she wouldn't get too serious with. Ali certainly was a catch and I love seeing how much he loves her back! They are a super cute couple, and I'm excited to have Ali in the "family."

Here is the happy couple on June 24th exiting the Salt Lake temple, they were so happy and the sealing was beautiful :).

Shaelynn looked incredible, I don't miss planning my own wedding, but watching her make plans for her wedding was really fun, I picked out the colors long before I ever met Ali, I just want to add that :)

So, Ali is the only boy in his family, he has 3 sisters, and Shae has one brother and 2 sisters, and those sisters have had babies which have all been girls (5 total) and Ali's one sister has 2 girls of her own... Ali is the lone gun men her with all these girls around (Shae's brother happens to live in Nebraska... Away from all the girls). I hope for the Harash sake that Shaelynn at some point, for Ali, will bless him with a son. But the odds just aren't in his favor...

They looked so stunning, I'm so happy that I got to be a part of their wedding, and I know Shae and I talked about having our babies at the same time, but Ali just didn't make it quick enough to the party, maybe next time. I love them both very much, and I look forward to the memories that the 4 of us can make with our own growing families. I wish them much happiness love, like Scott and I have found!